By Waverly W. and Brianna L.
8 and 10 years old

Let’s face it, kids like us today have a lot going on.  Homework, tests, projects, sports, and everything else…we needs break too!  Lucky for us there is a kids spa right in Manhattan, on First Avenue between 64th and 65th Street! We thought spas were just for our moms.  Not anymore!  It’s called Milk and Cookies Kids Spa and Salon…and they have everything you need for a day of relaxation and pampering, whether you’re a girl OR a boy!  Plus milk and cookies at their cookie cafe! So, we get to relax, get pampered, AND eat cookies?? Now THAT’S milk and cookies magic!

Neither of us had ever been to a kids’ spa before so we didn’t know what to expect…when we got there we couldn’t believe our eyes! It was so cool!  Manicure stations – more on that later – an area for doing your hair that makes you feel like you’re a movie star, a milk and cookies bar to sit  down at, and a place in the back for YUMMY spa treatments.  We couldn’t wait to check it all out!

The day we went was special because it was the launch of their super-cool nail polish line called The Splat Collection.  Here we are getting our nails done by the fabulous Mayling and Cynthia! They have all these great colors with fun names  like GlamourGirls, RockOn, and Famousfullsizerender to choose from, and honestly it was not easy to choose, but since we just KNEW our moms would take us here again, we were able to decide eventually!  They came out so shiny and sparkly – we felt like princesses!  In case the moms are reading this — don’t worry, all the polish in The Splat Collection are non toxic, vegan and cruelty free, and also free of any of the bad stuff they put in nail polish sometimes (It’s called “5 Free”)!

Like we said before, there are things for boys at Milk and Cookies Kids Spa too, so we brought along our friend Matthew, who was a good sport and got a “Slime Nail Service” too (he got clear!!).  Check him out relaxing at the nail dry bar:

Matthew S. relaxes after his Slime Nail Service!

After our fabulous nails dried, we went to check out the other stuff you can do if you’re having a spa day.  They have all kinds of stuff we can’t wait to try – Mommy and Me, Daddy and Me (with temporary tattoos, fun!) and the best one is the BFF Spa Date! We are definitely coming back for that one!  We stopped for a cookie and a quick face paint since they had face painters there for the celebration. We then headed to the spa treatment area where our moms literally thought the stuff they use was actually ice cream! LOL! Parents…. foto_no_exif-4

If you look closely at that picture to the left  you might see some (fake) creepy crawlies in Matthew’s Mud Scrub….that’s NOT your imagination!  That’s one of the ways a boy can have fun here. Milk and Cookies magic is for EVERYONE!  

We here at Kids’ News NYC want to thank  Milk and Cookies Kids Spa for a fabulous spa day!  We also want you to know that our nails still look AMAZING! If you live in NYC you should definitely plan a day here, or maybe your birthday party!  If you’re far away, don’t worry – just go to, pick out a few cool colors from The Splat Collection, and have the milk and cookies magic get delivered right to your door!

Best. Day. EVER! Thank you, Milk and Cookies Kids Spa (and for the cool shoes!)