Review of “Matilda: The Musical”
By Lila P.
Age 7

I got the best present ever! We went to see Matilda: The Musical for my 7th birthday (yay!). I liked the singing in the show – my favorite song was Miracle. I really liked the way how some of the actors, especially Miss Trunchbull, ran out into the audience – even though she was really scary at first. My sister liked the songs, ‘The Smell of the Rebellion’, as it really got the kids onstage into a big song, and the song, ‘Telly,’ because it’s easy to sing to.

The actress who played Matilda, Aviva Winick, was awesome!  I can’t believe a kid around my age can sing like that and remember all those lines.  She was really funny when she sang, “Naughty” and tricked her dad…if you want to know what happens you’ll have to see the show yourself! I also liked the song she sang called, “Quiet,” because it sounded really beautiful.

I would definitely recommend this show to all kids because it helps you believe in yourself, has great songs and the star is a kid just like us! I really had a great time at the show and now I’m trying to knock my glass over just by thinking about it…