Review of Jason Bishop: Believe in Magic
Playing at the (beautiful and historic) New Victory Theater
by Waverly, 9 years old and Mom, 49 years old!

Mom here! Remember the “old 42nd Street?” The one where you, well, couldn’t see a show with your children?  So glad those days are over and we have so much to do around the “New 42nd Street” – and at the top of the list of offerings of family friendly experiences in that area is the incredibly beautiful New Victory Theater which is literally steps away from pretty much every major subway.  

Photo courtesy of The New Victory Theater, credit: Alexis Buatti-Ramos

They even have a really reasonably priced cafe in their recently renovated, fun and interactive lobby where Waverly learned a magic trick (Hi, Brenda!), and your kid can, too! 

Both adults and children will find something they like here – at prices far below any other theater in the area.  Food, fun, family friendly theater… that’s a real victory for everyone!

Wave and I were so excited to see a magic show in such a beautiful theater!  We knew it was going to be cool, of course, but neither of us have ever heard of Jason Bishop and we did not expect to be so completely amazed and perplexed by his magic.  Amazed and perplexed we were – and still are! Wow. The guy is amazing. Or should I say, the guy is magic….you would not believe what he can do with this box – and there is a mirror behind it the whole time!

Photo courtesy of The New Victory Theater, credit: Alexis Buatti-Ramos

Waverly here! I have to tell you that Jason Bishop was not only the best magician I have ever seen – and I have seen a lot of them, even in Las Vegas- but he is also really funny and plays really good music!  We were sitting pretty close to the stage and I was watching everything he was doing really closely but I couldn’t see any strings or anything! He literally would make things disappear right in front of your eyes without any flashing lights or big capes flowing around or anything tricky. The stage is really pretty.  I loved the colors and all the lights.  Speaking of lights, he has a trick called “Ghost Light” that will drive you crazy wondering just how he did that.  This show is magical and you don’t even need a magic wand to get a ticket! You have to see it to believe it.

Photo courtesy of The New Victory Theater, credit: Alexis Buatti-Ramos

He also made his assistant, Kim Hess, who was also amazing and did some cool tricks of her own, disappear and float way up in the air!  And then HE floats up there with her, too!  There is a cute little dog named Gizmo that is also part of the show and yes, he disappears! Does he come back? You’ll have to see for yourself!

There are many tricks and surprises in this show and I guarantee you will love it.  At the end of the show, he makes things APPEAR instead of disappear.  I think Jason Bishop really IS magic and you HAVE to see this show!

Mom here again! After experiencing Jason Bishop:  Believe in Magic at the New Victory Theater, and trying really hard to figure out just how in the world he did one impossible thing after another, we were completely stumped.  During the show, he quoted Walt Disney (in his own humorous way), telling the audience that “it’s kind of fun doing the impossible.”  Well, Jason, it’s even more fun watching the impossible!  Stories of Jason’s life growing up as a foster kid and teaching himself magic tricks by using the only available resource he had at the time, his local library, inspire a different kind of belief – a belief in yourself and your own ability to make your dreams come true –  and adds another reason to go see this show.  All we can say now is…well…we believe in magic.  And so will you. There is just no other way to explain it!

Thank you to the fabulous New Victory Theater, New York’s Theater for Kids and Families! We will definitely be back!