Historic, Iconic PLAYLAND is open, with brand new experiences!

Summer is just about here and for me, that means it’s time to go to PLAYLAND! This quick and easy day trip from Manhattan has been a family tradition for me since I was really little, and has also been a tradition for my mom since she was really little, too! How awesome is that? Time to start a new tradition for your family if you have never been there, and if you have, then of course it’s time to visit again because it’s open and it’s better than ever!

We took a trip there last week and, like always, ran right over to the Dragon Coaster! Built in 1929, when you ride this wooden roller coaster, you are actually riding a piece of living history! The anticipation was almost as fun as the ride itself with all the fun sounds of summer going on as we got closer to the car to zoom us away….

Being a roller coaster fan, I immediately went on Crazy Mouse next and loved all the quick twists and turns. Then it was time to calm down a bit so we headed to the Old Mill, and after a fun time on the bumper cars where we smashed each other up in the funnest and safest way possible, we rode the beautiful carousel!

It was a day of non stop fun, with lots of fun snacks like icees, popcorn, dippin dots and pretzels and cooling stations to hang out in if it got too hot. All around were jumping children winning prizes and it was a happy day for everyone, young, old and in-between like us! It wasn’t until later on that I realized something..my phone stayed in my bag the entire time and I didn’t look at it once! That is very rare these days.

It’s hard to pick my favorite ride besides the Dragon Coaster but if I had to it would be the swings. I could fly on these all day!


Like with many of the things I do as a Kid Reporter, I suggest you experience this for yourself rather than read about it. Playland is something you just have to do every year, in my opinion. Here is the Park Calendar so you can plan your visit. And be sure to look out for when Playland announces other major NEW family rides and experiences that will debut later this season including the opening of Jack the Puppeteer and a new installation, “Play! Verse – An Immersive Adventure” which will have various creative room designs for visually interactive and dynamic photo ops. Plus, new dining opportunities will be introduced including with the upcoming opening of Tiki Beach, which will be an upscale eatery with indoor and outdoor seating, as well as Captain Lawrence Beer Garden as a more casual space adjacent to Tiki Beach with outdoor seating only. So what are you waiting for? Grab your bestie or gather your family and get the summer started at Playland!

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