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Hi, I’m Waverly, The Kiditor in Chief here at Kids’ News NYC.  I’m 10 years old and I created Kids’ News when I was 7 after a walk outside with my mom one October a few years ago where I discovered some of the city’s spookiest houses.  I decided to write about it and that’s how it all began.  My mom and I looked around for news for kids that was actually written by kids, but we couldn’t find anything!  We’re looking for kids like me, who live in and around New York City, to go outside and find the news—because here at Kids’ News, we believe that there’s news on every corner!

A little about me – I love Cheetahs and art, and I make up songs and stories for fun.  I love scooting around the city with my friends and my mom finding fun stuff to do. My mom says I’m lucky to live in Manhattan because I’ll never be bored, and she’s right.  There’s always something going on, and I love doing it all and then writing about it.  Hope to see some of your writing and reporting here on Kids’ News NYC too!


(in case your mom wants to know!):

Waverly’s mom is a former English teacher and current Assistant Principal who loves being a Manhattan Mommy. She’s a real person with a real job who gets real tired, but knows from experience that when you give a kid a pen and paper and a chance to write about what interests them, you will almost always be amazed. She promises that this site will be a safe place where kids can be kids and express themselves by writing about all the great experiences, places and people that this city (and beyond!) has to offer.  This is her little contribution to the world and she appreciates every single reader, young, old or in between!IMG_20161003_114740

For more info, reach her at info@kidsnewsnyc.com


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