Who, What, When is KN

WHO is Kids’ News NYC?

Kids’ News NYC is anyone under 12 years old who lives in or around New York City, has a love of exploring, learning, noticing his or her surroundings, and wants to report on it to other kids!  Created by Waverly W. – the 8 year old Kiditor in Chief, with a little help from her mom, Kids’ News NYC is YOU!

WHAT is Kids’ News NYC?

Kids’ News NYC is an online newspaper and YouTube Channel that is dedicated to all the news, events, people, and things that interest city kids…or kids who wish they were city kids!  The difference is, here, the kids create the news.

WHEN is Kids’ News NYC?

Kids’ News NYC is now!  Get out there and start reporting on what’s happening.

WHERE is Kids’ News NYC?

Kids’ News NYC is a local kids’ news outlet dedicated to the 5 boroughs of New York City and the surrounding areas.

WHY was Kids’ News NYC created?

One day in October of 2015, Waverly created a news article (under her pen name Abigail Jones) after walking around her neighborhood and discovering what was quite possibly the city’s spookiest Halloween home.  Her mom looked around for a place to submit it, surprisingly couldn’t find anything except for creative fiction sites, so she decided to create a newspaper for kids, BY kids, herself.  This is for all the fabulous city kids out there who are doing more in one week than their parents have done in their entire childhoods…you have such amazing lives and opportunities – notice them, appreciate them, live them, and write about them!

HOW do I submit to Kids’ News NYC?

Funny you should ask! We’d LOVE your input!  Click on the Submissions tab above!