Submission Ideas

Calling all NYC Kid Reporters!  You’ve got news and we want to publish it!  Ask your mom or dad to submit your work. Here are some ideas, but there is SO MUCH MORE you can write about!  Surprise us with your intelligence and creativity….

  • Local Flavor  (Anything fun you did or plan to do around the 5 boroughs, Camp, Restaurants, cool stores or places…)
  • Interesting Interviews  (World’s best nanny?  Interview her! Know someone with a cool job? Etc. Of course, you should always tell them it’s for Kids’ News NYC and always take along an adult!)
  • Creative Corner  (Budding artist? Chef? Poet? Fashion Designer? Short story writer? Share your talents!)
  • Super Sports and Great Games (Review a recent game, explain a sport to your readers, etc.)
  • Reflective Reviews  (Didn’t like that movie?   Crazy about a new ice cream flavor? Read a great book?)
  • Awesome Adventures  (Write an article about a cool trip you took, either far away or close to NYC. You can have an awesome adventure right here at home too….)
  • Everything Else! The possibilities are endless.