Waverly here! If you have a sweet tooth like I do, you will be happy to hear that Dessert Goals is here for the 6th time, for two sugar-filled days only – today and tomorrow, at Sound River Studios in Long Island City – and you don’t want to miss this! This year’s theme is Party Animal so I got decked out in cheetah stripes and headed over there earlier today … all I can say is YUM. And you will say that, too, when you taste the fabulous dessert creations from vendors like the Cremella from Stax Ice Cream – or, OMG, the “Ja Bacon Me Crazy” rolled ice cream from 10 Below…and there is SO much more, so I’m warning you – go hungry!

Sharing my awesome bacon and caramel rolled ice cream with this guy …

This was one SWEET way to spend my Saturday, and I cannot wait for next year – why can’t EVERY day be Dessert Goals day???  I  tried so many things that it is impossible to tell you about all of them or to pick a favorite, and all of them were as cool to look at as they were to eat!

Bubble Gum Cotton Candy from Brooklyn Floss!
Rebecca’s Cake Pops are SO CUTE! Not too cute to eat, though…

And yes, if you get thirsty, there’s even drinks, of course, from Boxed Water, Sparkling Ice, Harmless Harvest + Chameleon Cold Brew…and I loved my Boba Tea from Tea and Milk!

This was THE BEST (and sweetest) DAY EVER – OMG, I can’t wait for next year!

For more information, to check out all their amazing vendors, and to get tickets (better get them QUICK!) go to: https://dessertgoals.com/

My dessert goal is…to go back!