Kid Review of Big Apple Circus by Waverly, 10 years old
PLUS Interview with Ringmaster Stephanie Monseu!!The Mom here! Big Apple Circus is in town (YAY!) and we couldn’t wait to see what it had in store for us this year! Right from the second we walked in, we were transported to a world of excitement and mystery, so different from the world outside.  It’s a whole different world in there, and you won’t believe your eyes! Welcome to the world of Big Apple Circus…the wonder awaits!

Even before entering the ring, it was dazzling, with plenty of fun things going on…circus members walked around interacting with everyone, and there were lots of food options for both kids and adults, plus many awesome photo opportunities.  Electricity was in the air, and we couldn’t wait for showtime! 

Waverly here! Mom’s right – we couldn’t wait to see what Big Apple Circus had in store for us…even though I went on a day off from school, I got up early because I was so excited! Not only were we going to Big Apple Circus, but I was going to meet and interview its awesome Ringmaster Stephanie Monseu! The interview is at the end of this post, but for now, I can tell you that she not only looks super cool, she IS super cool also.  When the announcement came on that the show was about to begin, we went in and heard fun music playing and saw little children riding on cute little ponies. Before the show, your parent can purchase pony rides for you, too! And if you’re a parent reading this…that’s a hint!! Before, I knew it was going to be awesome and I felt like I was a million miles away from New York City! But nope, the Big Apple Circus is right here in the Big Apple! Suddenly all these different people came out onto the ring, and it was so cool! Everyone started doing all these cool things, like backflips, twirling things, juggling, and balancing. There was SO much going on, everywhere I looked!

How awesome is that?? Then a guy (Emil Faltyny who holds 3 Guinness World Records) came out and did an amazing balancing act on a ladder – I could barely watch or breathe!  The lights and music made it even more exciting, and the whole audience was amazed watching him.  I found out later that he started his career at 8 years old (hey, kind of like me!) and worked very hard at becoming the talented performer he is today! My interview with Stephanie made me realize that although it may look easy at the circus, there are years and years of hard work behind everything you see, and none of it actually came easy.  Not that I would ever think juggling while balancing on a ladder was easy!!

Then came Adam Kuchler, who did some amazing things with boxes! He was funny and amazing at the same time! Speaking of funny, the circus had many, many funny parts! Adam and his funny sidekick Mark made everyone laugh throughout the show with the silly things they did. I liked how they involved the audience and made us a part of the show sometimes!

Photo by Juliana Crawford

I was wondering when Ringmaster Stephanie was going to come out, and when she did, it was so cool to see her – she’s like the boss of the circus! Hashtag Girl Power!! It was really inspiring to see how she took charge of the stage and brought us all together – what an awesome Ringmaster! She welcomed us all and told us that the circus started with “little more than a horse and a ring” and explained that Big Apple Circus is keeping that tradition alive.

How cool is she??

I’m so glad they are doing that because I loved seeing all the animals (who are all rescue animals led by Jenny Vidbel)! This was a beautiful part of the show.  It was incredible and magical to see the horses, and the tiny ones are so cute!!

Photo by Juliana Crawford

There were more cool animal acts, like dogs catching frisbees and even driving a car! All the kids loved them. There was also the most adorable potbelly pig! You could see that these animals were happy and treated well, and that made me happy! I love Big Apple Circus because there’s so much going on – in a GOOD way! You get all these amazing and beautiful animals, plus funny kooky guys, PLUS daring and adventurous feats! There’s even a “horizontal juggler,” Victor Moiseev, who brings beauty and magic to the show:

It is impossible to be bored here! There is literally something for everyone.  Now, more on those “daring and adventurous feats….” Take a look at “Desire of Flight” – and notice that there is NO NET!  

And here is even more “girl power” for you…check out how Virginia from Duo Fusion balances her husband, Ihosvanys, on her back!  In heels!! That is one strong woman!

Oh, that is not all, not even close!  During intermission, they set up a big contraption and my mom and I were like, “what could that possibly be??” We could have never imagined what we were about to see.  When the next act, “Spicy Circus,” came out, here are some of the quotes my mom heard me and the other people around me saying:  “Whoa!” ” Oh my God!” “That’s SO cool!”
“I don’t believe this!” “What?!?” “NO WAY!!”
So, what were they doing? We can’t really describe it, so….here’s a 20 second clip of Spicy Circus!

As awesome as that clip is, it doesn’t even do them justice! You HAVE to see it for yourself.  You will not believe what they can do!
Oh did you think that was all? This is BIG APPLE CIRCUS, people!! The magestic, hilarious, and surprising Big Apple Circus…do you think they would skip the flying trapeze?? NOPE. The Flying Tunizianis from Venezuela gave us a grand finale that I could barely watch! It was so intense and exciting! When they did their amazing “Passing Leap,” we were scared to look, but we just had to look, of course! They were unbelievable, but we saw it right in front of our eyes, so we can tell you, believe it, they can do some amazing things!

The thing about Big Apple Circus is, after you see all that, you come out believing that you can do amazing things, too, if you work hard enough! Everyone who is a part of it shows how hard work, determination, and following a dream can lead to that dream coming true.  Like Ringmaster Stephanie says, “No dream is too big!” I told you she is inspiring!  I was so honored to interview her, and my mom started tearing up hearing her answers to our questions.  Check it out below and see why she is the coolest Ringmaster EVER! Not only does she look really cool…but she is really cool, nice, and smart.  Push Play and see for yourself!!
Thank you, Stephanie and Big Apple Circus! 

So, what are you waiting for? Big Apple Circus is only in town until January 27th! So, like Stephanie says (again!)…”look down at your feet” and take the next step towards getting tickets –  Or you can just go here:

Facebook:  @bigapplecircus

Instagram: @bigapplecircus         

Big Apple Circus – The Wonder Awaits!                     

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