Review of An American in Paris on Broadway
by Matthew R.
7 years old


On Tuesday, October 4th, my mom and her friend Carol took me to see An American in Paris.  I was so excited to see the show before it closed and on a school night!  Our seats were in the center mezzanine and I had a terrific view.

The story takes place in Paris at the end of the World War II.  Adam the piano player starts telling the audience about Paris, Jerry Mulligan, an American soldier, who decided to stay in Paris at the end of the war.  Jerry Mulligan is the lead character and he’s also an artist.  My mom says a famous actor played him in the movie version – Gene Kelly.  My mom liked him a lot.

The orchestra started playing Concerto in F and that’s when all the dancers came out including Lise Dassin, played by Leanne Cope. There is no talking or singing, just dancing. The actors danced so beautifully.  Most of the dancing was a combination of ballet and contemporary.

Jerry Mulligan falls in love with Lise, a French ballerina, but he finds out he’s not the only one who’s in love with her.  Adam is also in love with Lise and so is Henri.  Lise auditions for a ballet and she gets the lead.  But she is confused and doesn’t know which man to pick.  Towards the end of our show, Lise dances in the ballet and she imagines herself dancing with Jerry. That’s when she realizes she is in love with Jerry and is meant to be with him. The story ends with them together.

Although the dancing was beautiful, I wish they would have done more Tap dancing.  I like tap.

When the show was over, we got to go downstairs to where the actors were, but it was so crowded we couldn’t stay.  We went back upstairs and Lise, Henri and Adam came outside.  They signed my Playbill and I even got a picture with Leanne Cope.  She is so beautiful and very nice.

I loved seeing the show.  My favorite song was ‘S Wonderful.  I was tired but I went home singing the song in my head the whole ride home. I’m glad I got to see the show because now I know for sure this is what I want to do when I grow up.  Sing and Dance on Broadway!