By Ellyana M.
7 years old / Manhattan

Hello, my name is Ellyana. I go to Camp Yomi for the summer camp.  Every day, I take a really cool bus up to Rockland County. The bus ride is fun. Sometimes, we watch shows or listen to music on the way.

When I get to Camp Yomi, I sometimes start my day with tennis, circus arts, percussion, Israeli dance or Lego robotics. My favorite early morning activity is Circus Arts. In Circus Arts, I learn how to juggle balls and I learn how to balance a tennis racket on my hand.

Every day at Camp Yomi, I swim in the pool two times per day. First, I have instructional swim. Then, in the afternoon, I have free swim. During instructional swim, I learn how to float on my back. There are a lot of other fun activities at Camp Yomi. I learn how to make ceramics in my elective class on Tuesdays. I made a fish pot and a mug for my mommy.  My family is so proud of me.  I also learn archery and boating. I really like boating, I got to paddle on the pond, even though, I went around and around.

At Camp Yomi, there are special days for sports and arts and crafts. I play baseball and soccer.  I hit the ball once and got to first base. It was so exciting. I am not so good at soccer but I still try.  I make bracelets and necklaces every week for my sister.  She sometimes cries when I leave for camp. I miss her too.

Fridays at camp Yomi are very special. We get award certificates. I got three certificates, one for being a slippery fish in the water, one for doing good with percussion and the other for being a music leader. I love camp Yomi. It’s the best!