…and while you’re there, wish them a happy anniversary!

by Waverly W., 10 years old, and Nico B., 11 years old

Waverly here! Did you know that May is Burger Month? (To me, every month is burger month…) To celebrate, we had dinner at one of my favorite places in the city-Harlem Shake! It’s always fun just being there with all the cool stuff on the walls, funky music playing, all reflecting Harlem’s culture and community, and the way it feels like you went back in time. 

Have Mom enjoy a Rose Froze on Mother’s Day! *This one’s for adults only*

But the BEST part about going to Harlem Shake is the food….and the shakes…ok it’s a tie! Just walking in, the smells of the food cooking took me to heaven and I loved it before I even ate anything yet! I wish it smelled like that at home (sorry, mom). 
They are celebrating Burger Month all month long, and they are also celebrating their 6 year anniversary of being a part of the Harlem community, and they have so many cool things going on! We got to try lots of their classic and unique menu choices that I will try to describe for you, but let me tell you – you have to taste them for yourself. You will be in heaven like I was. I’ll start with the shakes! We tried the brand new Banana Cream Pie shake, which was like the candy version of a banana! It was so creamy and yummy. We also had an awesome peanut butter shake, a cookies and cream shake with a smooth texture and little bumps of cookie….mmmm…Nico gulped his down in five seconds flat! And the salted caramel shake was smooth and silky with a decadent caramel flavor. Words can’t even describe how delicious this is. Warning: These shakes are not recommended for people who do not like great flavors! They also have some shakes that are good for parents – like the Rose Froze which is Rose Wine and Elderberry syrup….my mom tried that one, and even though she’s “not a drinker,” she sure did drink that! Her exact words were, “Oh my God. This is unbelievable.” All I can say is, if you haven’t tried one of Harlem Shakes’ shakes, you haven’t had a shake!

Of course, there’s way more than shakes at Harlem Shake! Let’s talk about the food. They have so many good things to eat, it’s really hard to choose! The burgers are sooooo gooooood here, and the truffle fries and cheese fries are, too. If you’re not into burgers, they have awesome chicken fingers and grilled cheese, and if you’re vegetarian, they have veggie burgers, too! And if you’re like my mom, who is trying to eat healthy, there’s a kale salad (she added grilled shrimp).

For Burger Month, they have a super special and fancy burger called Fungi Town. With 2 Pat LaFrieda beef burgers, grilled shiitake mushrooms, triple cream goat cheese and arugula, this is definitely a very special and delicious way to celebrate!

Nico here! That was my first time eating there, and it was AWESOME.  The food was delicious, the shakes were amazing, and it was really fun just being there!  I loved how the cookies came up through the straw in my Cookies and Cream Shake.  This is my new favorite place!

Back to Wave! It’s always a good time to visit Harlem Shake, where it’s always a good time – but this month is really the perfect time to go since there is so much going on! Check out what’s happening there: 

Fun with Fungi – Harlem Shake presents their 2019 National Burger Month Fungi Town Burger (National Burger day is May 28th but we celebrate all month long). The new burger features 2 Pat LaFrieda beef burgers, grilled shiitake mushrooms, triple cream goat cheese topped with arugula, available now for $12.

Shaken or Stirred for Mom – Bring your mother to Harlem Shake on Mother’s Day (Sunday, May 12th) to have Rose Froze (yes Froze comes to Harlem) or Rose flavored MilkShakes. *Note from mom – you’ll want to visit just for this!!

It’s Our Anniversary – On Monday, May 13th Harlem Shake celebrates 6 years of being a part of the Harlem community. For the celebratory day – all burgers are only $6 each including their award-winning Harlem Classic burger.

Uptown Stroll – Harlem Shake will bring our their best menu options to serve at the 5th Annual Harlem Eat Up festival on Saturday, May 18th during The Ultimate Grand Tasting at the Harlem Stroll at Morningside Park. Tickets on sale at harlemeatup.com

With so many community events like Open Mic Night, really cool and friendly people working there, the best shake you will ever taste, and of course the AMAZING FOOD, I guarantee you will love Harlem Shake as much as I do from the second you walk in – now that’s enough reading about it – go taste it for yourself! Check it out in May, and then I’m sure you will agree, every month is Harlem Shake month!