By Waverly W. and Victoria C.

At the beautiful Swedish Cottage Marionette Theater!

Waverly here! Have you ever gotten so hungry that you would even eat your cat?  Me neither, thankfully! Unfortunately that is not the case for the very poor and starving Fergus Mundingle (aka Gus) in the awesome Swedish Cottage Marionette Theater’s show Puss in Boots. Gus is a nice and simple guy who is very poor. He is also in love but there really is no way for him to ever be with the girl he loves…or is there? Luckily he has a very helpful cat, Puss, who is full of great tricks and plans to help his pal Gus change his life and even help him meet his dream girl!

Courtesy of City Parks Foundation

Puss puts on a cool pair of boots and gets to work – and let me tell you, this is one CLEVER CAT! He speaks lots of languages, dances like a pro (thanks to the amazing puppeteers, of course!), and is also very, very funny.  I don’t want to tell you the whole story but I can tell you that the theater was filled with people of just about every age, and we all laughed a lot and loved seeing this show.  The characters, like the cheese-loving Queen and the cat-loving Wizard are all so cool to look at with their beautiful costumes…I almost forgot they were puppets!  Like I said, I don’t want to tell you the whole story because that would ruin the fun and surprises but take it from me, you will love seeing all these puppets in action and you will definitely love Puss in Boots – both the puppet AND the show!

Victoria here! I had a really fun time at Puss in Boots. All the puppets were so cute! The story was really funny and I loved it.  I think you will love it, too!

Back to Wave! Watching this show taught me that you never should pretend to be something you’re not and also…you never know just how smart your cat is! It’s a good thing Gus didn’t eat him! Go check out Puss in Boots for yourself and say hi to all the awesome marionettes for me!

Puss in Boots is playing until September 22, 2019. Check it out….
Thanks to the wonderful City Parks Foundation!