All Fun and No Fear at Om Factory!
by Kid Reporters Waverly W. – 8, Peri R. – 8, Jude W.S. – 9, Gavin M. – 8, Jack H. – 8, Ale P. – 8, Ahiri G. -8,  Judah R. – 11, Romiah G., – 11, Davina G. – 10, Razzi G., – 7, and Hasida G. – 5.

Waverly here!  Sometimes you just want to try something new, and here in NYC, there are so many cool places to check out!  Well, did you ever wish you could fly? I sure have…so I got a group of kid reporters together and we took a Circus Playground Class at Om Factory – and guess what? After some fun warmups and tumbling, we flew! foto_no_exif-145  Here’s what the rest of the kids had to say:

Judah here: If you want to have fun, and learn how to fly, go to Om Factory, a place where your dreams can soar — literally!  At Om Factory, you learn skills that could be used in gymnastics, or if you ever want to, in the circus.  We learned trapeze, rope-climbing, trampoline, tumbling, and the lyra.  It can be a little bit painful to do the stunts, because you have to bend over and fold yourself in half, but it’s worth it when you see the pictures and realize you look like Spiderman!  This is a great outing for kids who like doing physical but relaxing activities.foto_no_exif-141

Peri’s turn!  My favorite part was the complicated twisty climb in the hammock. It was hard and kinda scary but really fun! foto_no_exif-140I also like the hoop thingy (lyra) and, of course, the trapeze. I learned a lot of new stuff today! I can’t wait to go back!!! 

Photo credit Aranya Ghatak

Ahiri here! First, we jumped on the trampoline. We did 2  jumps and then lifted our feet high into the air. Next, we used strong colorful ropes for straddles, which were hanging from the ceiling. Those were my favorite. Then, our instructor hung from a rope in the ceiling and had us to do a flip while holding her hands. Last, we flipped through hula hoops. You should go and visit Om Factory!

I’m Jack and I really liked our class at OM.  My favorite parts were when the teachers helped me do the straddle, and when we did acrobatics on silk.  Fun class for sure!foto_no_exif-150

Jude’s turn! My favorite part of the experience were the silks.  I really liked twirling in mid-air and felt like I was working my way into Cirque du Soleil. The time passed really quickly while I was there–it was tons of fun but also a great workout. I liked being with the other kids and thought the instructors were awesome. I think that it was one of the best days of my life!foto_no_exif-148

Ale here! The best part of this class was learning all the tricks. I really liked the Lyra because we got to do a flip. And the silks were really fun because we got to do a straddle. It was fun to do the pike jump on the ropes, but it was really hard too. This is a great class for anyone who wants a challenge! foto_no_exif-139It’s Gavin now and Om Factory was fun and cool!  At first I didn’t think I could do much of the stuff the teachers showed us but it didn’t take very long for me to “get the hang of it!”foto_no_exif-144It’s Waverly again! This was definitely an awesome experience!  The instructors, Liz and Laura, were awesome and showed me how to do things I never thought I could do.  We all took turns and we were never bored while we were waiting.   At Om Factory, we met 4 sisters who have been taking classes there for a long time – here’s what they had to say (Welcome to the world of Kid Reporting, girls!)

Razzi: It was very good! The hammocks were my favorite, and flipping on the trapeze. I really liked Laura and Liz! Doing flips with Liz was fun! Romiah: It was fun!! The trapeze was my fave! I got the chance to do tricks! The class was helpful, and I liked working with Liz.foto_no_exif-142

Liz and Laura in action!
Hasida: I had a blast! Flipping on the lyra and playing with the other kids was fun! Davina: It was exciting and fun! My favorite was doing tricks on the trapeze and sitting on it with my sister Romiah.


All fun…NO FEAR!


The Mom here! I want to thank Om Factory for letting our kid reporters take over their incredible studio on an otherwise quiet and peaceful Sunday afternoon!  I had no idea this existed, but now that I do, I’ll definitely go back for an adult class – after all, you’re never too old to fly! The instructors, Laura and Liz, had incredible patience and really worked well with all the different age and ability levels.  You’ve got to take your kids here to experience this – it sure beats having them run away and join the circus … or does it?  🙂