Kid (and Mom) Review of Harlem Shake by Waverly W. and Ale P., 9 years old
The Mom here!  What’s better than a burger and fries? How about one of the best burgers you’ve ever tasted (Pat LaFrieda special blend!), the truffle-iest truffle fries, a cool 1950’s vibe, with awesome music playing, even more awesome people working there, and what I guarantee will be the most amazing shake you’ve ever had?   We hustled over to Harlem Shake and found all of this – and more.

Waverly here!  The first thing I noticed when we walked in was all the pictures on the wall.  There were over 200 autographed pictures of famous people on the walls – they call this the Wall of Fame.  It was really fun looking at all of them! The place was old fashioned looking, but in a really fun way! It was like stepping back into the past into an old-time diner, but my mom said it is only 5 years old. You would never believe it though! It’s like you got into a time machine and stepped right into the old days. There was a counter with stools where you could sit instead of table.  Everyone working there and all the people in there eating all looked really happy and like they were having a great time.  We sat down, took a look at the menu, and knew we were going to have a great time too, plus some great food!

Hi Anthony!

There were so many delicious things to choose from on the menu, lots of different kinds of fries (Cheese Fries, Sweet Yam Fries, Truffle Fries and more), all kinds of sandwiches like the “Hot Honey Chick” and the Classic Patty Melt, even healthy things like a Kale Caesar or Chopped Chickpea and Lentil Salad.  And of course, burgers (even veggie burgers) and shakes! We wanted one of everything!! We ordered a Harlem Classic Burger, a Kids’ Grilled Cheese, Truffle and Sweet Yam Fries, the Cheddar Cheese Bliss” aka “Adult Grilled Cheese” and a Salted Caramel Shake and a Peach Shake.  We also ordered a Veggie Burger without cheese for “The Kids’ News Driver,” who happens to be vegan and was very happy that there was something there for him to eat. My mom said she “wasn’t hungry” and made a huge mistake by not ordering a shake. We’ll get to that later…..while we were waiting for our food we cast our votes for Miss/Mr. Harlem Shake. The winner of this contest gets to pick a Harlem charity that wins $1000! We had a hard time deciding who to vote for!

When our food came, we forgot about everything else! My mom and I both agreed that the Harlem Shake Grilled Cheese looked way better than the ones she makes at home! (Sorry, mom, just stating facts!).

It was totally delicious and extreeeemely cheesy!! So not only was it super yummy but also fun to eat!

Say cheeeeese! YUM!

Here is the veggie burger, made in-house with vegetables, grains and nuts, and healthy kale salad, although we ate most of it before taking the picture, it was that good! We had one very happy vegan at our table….

No meat? No problem!!

Ale here! I want to start by saying that Harlem Shake has the best fries in the UNIVERSE.  They also give big portions of cool, original food that is very good quality. It is a casual and family friendly place with lots of celebrity pictures to look at.  The Harlem Classic Burger was very delicious with its nice soft bun and delicious beef patty, and my Salted Caramel Shake was amazing!

Mom here again…about those shakes….I was trying to be good after eating huge lunch at work so I made what was quite possibly the biggest mistake of my life by not ordering a shake.  Choices like Red Velvet, Vanilla Malt, Salted Caramel, Peach, Wild Cherry, all from certified organic Blue Marble Ice Cream, and for some crazy reason I did not order one, a choice I regret to this day!! But when Waverly went to the bathroom (which is also fun, by the way!) I took a look at her Salted Caramel and decided to have just a little taste, and then….the heavens opened up and I experienced true bliss.  Time stopped. I forgot everything except how utterly amazing that shake tasted. Of course, I had to test out Ale’s mom’s Peach Shake, just to be sure this wasn’t a mistake.  Then, once again, pure bliss, rainbows, golden rays of sunshine, extreme ice cream creamy satisfaction…it was not a mistake.  Those shakes are unbelievably, incredibly awesome. The peach one had little bits of peach goodness in it, made from real peaches, and the caramel one had a drizzle of caramel made in-house.  MMMMMmmmmmmmmm.  So good that it justifies stealing from your own kid, but when you go, order your own, do not make the same mistake I did!
Back to Wave! Mom, you owe me half a Harlem Shake! So, there you have it – a place to have delicious food, amazing shakes, and lots of fun, too!  They have a Burger Month burger that we wanted to try but we will have to go back soon because it was sold out! I can’t tell you the name because I’m just a kid but maybe you can figure it out for yourself, LOL:

We are DEFINITELY going to hustle back to Harlem Shake very soon for “Burgers, Shakes, and Good Times..The Harlem Way” and also to say hi to our new friends Aisha, Anthony, and Cecee. Make sure you say hi, too, and tell them Kids’ News NYC sent you! 🙂

Aisha, Anthony and Cecee-friendly, fun and fabulous!

Back to Mom, one last time! I loved this place, the food, and the people so much that two days after we went to check it out, I decided to treat my office staff for a takeout lunch, and to treat myself for my very own Red Velvet shake, which of course was out of this world! I have to say, every time we call in a large order, something gets messed up.  However, Harlem Shake got it a hundred percent correct and were not only totally accurate but super friendly handling the order as well.  I see many more takeout orders from them in my work future….
Harlem Shake  is more than just delicious, high-quality food and fun, though.  Their hiring policy reflects their supportive values – nearly 65% of their staff resides from the east to the west side of Harlem.  They also support Harlem non-profits with $1000 per year with their annual Miss/Mister Harlem Shake contest.  On Friday nights, neighborhood talent is showcased during Open Mic Night, and Saturdays bring open-air jazz from 8 – 11 pm.
All this…plus beer and wine, too! So hurry up and hustle over to Harlem Shake – what are you waiting for?

We give Harlem Shake an A, too!
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