by Waverly W. and Anna C., 10 years old

The Mom here! It has been years since I’ve taken Wave to CMOM
(Children’s Museum of Manhattan).  I remember how she loved hanging out with Dora and Diego, feeding alphabet letters to a dragon and racing to put out a “fire” in their awesome firetruck…and just running around playing throughout their five floors of fun! We figured it was about time we went back to see how much big kids could have there, with exhibits like
Art, Artists, and You and Japanese cooking class Wa-Shokuiku. So, how much fun did they have? See for yourself…

Creating Mother’s Day pillows for our moms!

Waverly here! I was really excited to go back to CMOM – I remembered all the fun times I had there when I was little and knew it was going to be awesome! What I didn’t know was just HOW awesome it would be! We started on the first floor for the Art, Artists, and You exhibit, and we honestly could have spent the whole day there! We worked with paper, fiber, and digital media and explored all the ways we could express ourselves through art that we made there ourselves (with the help of their staff and visiting artists).  Not only did we make cute pillows for our moms just in time for Mother’s Day, but we also made colorful bath fizzles in the Makerspace!  Where else can you make stuff at a museum? Crafty and fun, there’s only one! CMOM!  

Like I said, we could have stayed there making stuff all day…but we had a Japanese Cooking Class to go to upstairs! Yes, I said Japanese Cooking Class! None of us had any idea we would be learning about Japanese food and customs, but as soon as we got there, we signed up for Wa-Shokuiku downstairs in the lobby, and I’m so happy we did! (Note from Mom – next time I’ll check the calendar.

We learned so many cool things in that class! Japanese words, how to count in Japanese, some of their customs…and yes, we really cooked!

Our cute little bento boxes were awesome and delicious, and the best part was that we made them ourselves! The teachers were friendly and funny and even read us a story while we were eating about a funny Japanese grandma who made us realize that nothing should ever be wasted. We went to CMOM to have fun, and we sure did, but we also got to make – and EAT – lunch! How awesome is that?

Next it was time for a little exercise! We headed to the Eat, Sleep, Play exhibit and learned about healthy eating and the importance of exercise.  We even burned off some calories while having some fun!

It was so fun to go back to see the things I used to play with when I was really little, and to drive that bus again!

And of course we had to say hi to Dora and Diego!  Even though this is for little kids, we wanted to stop by and see it again.  It sure brought back memories! I was happy that everything was still there just like I remembered it, and my mom was getting all emotional remembering taking me here a long time ago…

Anna here! I expected CMOM to be exciting, fun and interesting…and I was right! I loved making bath bombs, pillows, and Japanese food, and I loved playing in the Dora exhibit, too! Kids should visit CMOM because they have a bunch of great activities.

Back to Wave! Yes, kids should definitely visit this place, there’s so much to see and do!   If you’re like me and haven’t been there in years, or if you need a place to go with your younger brother or sister, it’s DEFINITELY about time you go to CMOM! Check them out here!