by Audra C.
7 years old

My favorite candy shop is Sockerbit.  It is from Sweden and is located on Christopher Street, in the West Village.  “Sockerbit” means “sugar cube.”

I usually get an assortment of the colorful gummy candies.  They come in a variety of shapes, colors, and flavors.  My favorite are the yummy jelly frogs and raspberry hearts.  I also like the cola candies even though I do not drink cola.

Try a little of everything!

There are a lot of sour candies.  My favorite are the strawberry sour belts.  There’s also a selection of chocolates and super salty licorice.

They also carry some Swedish pantry items like lingonberry jam, biscuits, chocolate bars, Swedish pancake mix, and some interesting tubes caviar paste. I’m not such a fan of the tubes…but I love lingonberry jam!  I also like the pretty cups and bowls that are for sale.img_94921

One important reason that I enjoy Sockerbit is because they label the bins with what allergens are in the ingredients.  Also they don’t use artificial colors.   I am allergic to nuts so this is a bonus for me…and my mom!

I like to bring my friends in and we usually have a fun time and leave with bags of sweets.I love that it is in the West Village because we usually grab a bite at a cafe, take a walk to Union Square playground, or just jump on the train for a quick ride back uptown.

I recommend this place to everyone who loves candy…and will enjoy a Scandinavian twist!