At the concert!

by Audra C.
7 years old

Kidz Bop 33 is the most recent CD from Kidz Bop.

If you are not familiar with Kidz Bop, they are a cover band that takes the biggest hits and sings them in kid-friendly versions.  (No bad words!) The members are Ashlynn, Grant, Sela, and Matt.  Sela is the newest member.  She replaced Bredia. It came out on October 17th and I can’t stop listening to it!fullsizer1-3There are lots of new songs like, “This Is What You Came For” and “Cheap Thrills.” A couple of the songs are featured in movies (the original artist’s version) such as, “Can’t Stop This Feeling,” in Trolls and “Try Everything,” in Zootopia.  My favorite songs are, “Cheap Thrills”(originally by Sia), and “Sit Still, Look Pretty” (originally by Daya).  I think this is the best CD from Kidz Bop…ever!

Over the summer my dad took me to a concert on The Life of the Party Tour.

You should have seen my dad…

“Life of the Party,”  is the title of a KB original bonus track from KB 32.  I was looking forward to seeing them perform it.We took an Uber to Coney Island Amphitheater.  When we got there we got a pretzel and party favors.  When the show started the Kidz Bop Kids came to the stage.  That’s when Sela introduced herself to the crowd as the newest member.  She did a good job.  Ashlynn has always been my favorite so I was thrilled to see her perform in person.

The first song they sang was, “No,” a Megan Trainor hit.  I really liked that song.  The kids in the audience were very excited.  We all waved our party favors and cheered and danced.  My favorite part was when the dads did the Whip and Nae Nae.  That was funny!  (Note from The Mom:  Send a pic of that, every parent LOVES to see pics of themselves dancing!)

They sang many songs from various Kidz Bop CDs.  It was a great show with a lot of energy and dancing. It was so much fun.  I even ran into a couple of friends. I hope they go on tour next year.

I liked going to Coney Island.  After the concert we went to the arcade and I won 5 prizes!  After the arcade we got some pizza then took the train back to Manhattan.  I can’t wait until the next concert – until then, I’ll dance in my living room to Kidz Bop 33!