Jerusalem Train Theater’s A Sick Day for Morris McGee
Running until January 28, 2018 at The New Victory Theater
by Waverly W., 9 years old, and Mom, 49 years old!

The Mom here!
 Anyone who knows me knows I love my routines – so much that after a few days of vacation, I’m one of those annoying people who are ready to go back to work!  My daily routine is pretty much timed to the minute – just like the main character, Morris McGee, in Jerusalem Train Theater’s production of A Sick Day for Morris McGee, now playing at The New Victory Theater (based on the book A Sick Day for Amos McGee by Philip C. Stead).  When we got the invite to go check it out, we noticed that it was “best for ages 2 – 5,” but we firmly believe that you’re never too old for puppets!  So off we went to meet my fellow creature of habit along with his amazing animal friends, having fun and learning valuable lessons for any age at a  puppet show unlike any other we have ever seen.

Waverly here!  The New Victory Theater is always fun to visit.  They always have fun stuff to do even before the show – this time, I got to make a butterfly and read a book in a corner on a comfy bean bag.  There were lots of little kids doing other fun things, too, like “Pin The Tail On The Hippo.”  When we went in to sit down, I already could tell that this was not the usual type of puppet show.  Everything was black except for a wooden table with shelves and drawers on it.  My mom says it was “a tiny little delightful set.” 

Photo courtesy of The New Victory Theater, credit: Dor Kedmi, puppet design by Maayan Resnick.

Then the show started with a lamp that became a sunrise over Morris McGee’s house, and a lady in red (the super talented Maayan Resnick) moved the puppets while a narrator told a story that rhymed.  Right from the start, I could see that I was right and this was definitely not the usual puppet show!  We heard the story of Morris McGee, who does the same exact thing every single day, and while the story was being told, it was coming to life right in front of our eyes!  The little set could do some amazing things – it was so much more than what it looked like at first.  For example, Morris’ bed turned over to become a full length mirror!  It was almost like a miniature magic show in side of a puppet show – so cool!

The story wasn’t just told to us by the narrator and the lady – at some parts, the story was built before our eyes!  Like when we found out where he worked (Hint: There are animals there!).  You’ll see what I mean when you see the show.  It was really funny and interesting to not only watch all his routines come alive, but also participate in the show a little, too.  It was funny and surprising – there were things I didn’t expect to happen that happened, and when they did, like when the Rhino got sick and we saw what came out of his nose,  all the little kids, big kids like me, and even parents, all started laughing!  I love books and hearing them read out loud but this took it to a whole new level!  

Photo courtesy of The New Victory Theater, credit: Dor Kedmi, puppet design by Maayan Resnick.

Another very funny part was when the lady had to do his routine over and over, faster and faster.  She wasn’t just a puppeteer, she was part of the show.  Watching her do the whole thing over and over, faster and faster, while she tried to keep up with the narrator, was really fun to watch.  Then, when Morris gets sick one day, his animal friends decide to take care of him for a change, and then we get to see them do the routine backwards!   Morris is really happy to see them and we all learn that friendship is the best medicine! The show is very quick and definitely good for little kids – but make sure you go along if you are my age – I promise you will like it!  

With the very talented Maayan Resnick – you won’t believe where she got that tie!!

You never know what can happen if you take a break from your routine…

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