By Nico B.
9 years old

You know how in other camps they have groups? Well, Steve and Kate’s doesn’t.  You can literally do whatever you want.  You just have three responsibilities:  The first one is Respect.  For example, if you’re making an annoying sound, and someone asks you to stop, you have to stop.  The next one is Take Care.  You have to take care of their equipment, such as one of their music ipads.  The last one is Safety.  If you’re playing soccer in the gym, before you do any moves, make sure nobody is in the way that can get hurt.  As long as you make sure you do those things, you can choose to do lots of things at this camp.

Some of the choices you have every day are:  Bread making, coding, making animation lego films, Hamster Ball, sewing (check out the picture of me with the pillows I made for my mom!), making music, creating robots, dancing, etc.

The best and most fun part of this camp is the pie games.  No, it’s not actual pie!  It’s whipped cream, real whipped cream.  It’s called Pie Day Friday and it happens on Fridays, obviously.  You go outside and the pies are out there, ready to go.  You ask your partner if it’s ok and if he or she says yes, BAM, you pie them right in the face! Where else do you get to do that?  If that’s not enough fun stuff for you, guess what? Soon they will have bumper cars!

The food is pretty good, you get to choose from a lot of different things like Twice Baked Potatoes, Meatball Subs, Burritos, Grilled Cheese…my advice is not to get the grilled cheese with the sauce, just get the plain ones.  Sometimes on very hot days there are strawberry ice pops.

One thing you should know – if you are in the film studio, and someone made a movie or a trailer, make your own and don’t make yours over someone else’s.  That’s just rude, dude.