Notes from The Kiditor
November, 2016

October was spooktacular here at Kids’ News NYC…we got to go to a really fun farm, do a spooky Halloween store review, help people be BUDDIES and not bullies, and go to a kids’ spa to help celebrate their new nail polish line!  I had a great time trick or treating, NYC style, and now it’s time to get back to work at bringing you some Kids’ News. foto_no_exif-14

Trick or Treating, NYC Style!

I hope you liked reading my interview with Aviva Winick who plays Matilda on Broadway, too.  If you missed any of those, you can still check all the articles out, plus all the others by my fellow Kid Reporters.  It’s definitely KOOL to be The Kiditor, I have to say, because all that is just the beginning!  For November, there’s more fun stuff planned to do and write about.  Kids’ News is going to sleep at the Museum of Natural History! I will let you know if it comes alive like it does in the movies.  Also, I am going to interview a ten year old baker, Justin James, aka “Juss Baked” and learn all about how he became a “business kid” at such a young age.  Also, I’ll be doing a theater review at NYC Children’s Theater with Kid Reporter Matthew R.  Kids’ News will also be showing you some Hot Holiday Toys, dressing up at one of my favorite places to go when the weather turns colder, and taking a kids’  paint class this month.  We’ve got a few new great articles by Audra C. and Maya P. posted to start out the month so make sure you read those!

Of course, November starts the holiday season and we would like to help “put the GIVING in Thanksgiving” so we will be working with The Ronald McDonald House of  NY to help spread awareness about what they do and offer a way for our readers to help.

Do you think that’s all? Nope.  I wish I could tell you all the cool places and things we have in store but my mom says I can’t yet….so stay tuned, and keep up with Kids’ News NYC!

Waverly – The Kiditor in Chief

The Mom Here!  Yes, it is “kool” to be The Kiditor…but it’s also kool to be a Kid Reporter, too! Kid Reporters Wanted! We here at Kids’ News NYC know that there’s news on every corner, and we can’t be everywhere, so it’s up to YOU to send in YOUR kids’ news!  It’s easy! Just submit through the site.  Or, send us your ideas and I will send my kid reporters out to investigate and report.  Thanks so much for visiting, and please like us, share us, and spread the kids’ news!