by Ahiri
Age withheld by parents’ request

I was going to India for 2 weeks. I couldn’t wait. First I had to take two planes (Of course!) The first plane ride was from USA to Dubai, for 14 hours. I pretty much stayed awake the whole time. Then I went on the second plane ride from Dubai to Kolkata (India), which is the city we were going. The second plane ride took us 4 hours. Guess what, I practically slept the whole time in the second plane ride.

First, I went to my dad’s side of the family. We went to a marriage.  We played lots of games. I played throw ball with my grandfather and also played school with him.

Next I went to my mom’s part of the family. My grandmother and me played with stuffed animals. We also played hide and seek, and also played hide and seek with objects. It was a lot of fun.

I then went back to my dad’s part of the family, and reunited with other aunts, uncles, and of course grandparents. I also went shopping at Big Bazaar, a shopping place. I got indian dresses, bangles, and tiny round stickers to put on my forehead.


Then after spending two full weeks with grandparents – both sides, I came back home by plane. What a fun trip to India!