by Waverly W. and Ahiri G., 10 years old
Photo Credit: Aranya G.

The Mom here!

I always say, “Either you’re an English person or a Math person – and Wave and I definitely fall into the ‘English’ category! Little did I know that math is everywhere, affecting our daily lives in many more ways than just figuring out how much money is left over for the fun stuff after all the bills are paid. After our visit to MoMath (The National Museum of Mathematics), however, I see that apparently we are BOTH. Math is everywhere…and guess what? It’s…cool.

Waverly here!

I admit – I am not the biggest fan of math and I was counting on MoMath to change how I feel about it (see what I did there… counting on?). I would love to be as excited to go to math class as I was to visit this museum. As soon as we walked through the doors, I was already excited! I immediately saw a moving wall that was so satisfying to look at, I could have just stared at it all day! But there was so much more going on and lots of people in there enjoying all the fun stuff that I knew I had to go in and experience it for myself!

“Constant Diameter” in action – we just call it “Fun!”

The whole place was like one big, adventurous, indoor theme park with so much to do, we couldn’t believe it! Two floors of fun! We shot baskets (I made it in on my first try!), drove a car around a mobius strip, created 3D sculptures and logos, painted beautiful paintings with symmetry….

Finding Math in Art!


Taking a smooth ride on SQUARE WHEELS!

And that was just the first floor! There was even more cool stuff downstairs! We made fractal patterns, had fun playing a cool math game called “Finding Fifteen” (one of my favorites), and even made ourselves into Human Trees using repeating patterns (another one of my favorites)!

How cool is this??

We also loved challenging ourselves at the Math Square, where we had to find our way to the finish line without making a left turn! That was so fun, and I figured out how to do it!

Ahiri here!

I always liked math – I like solving problems – but now I like it even more since visiting MoMath! All the activities were really fun, and it was interesting to learn how math is involved in everything. This was definitely a fun thing to do and I can’t wait to go back!

“Fun plus Education equals MoMath!”


Back to Wave!

All I can say is, ok, I admit it…Math is cool. MoMath will make you see that, too! Even cooler than MoMath, though, is its Executive Director, Cindy Lawrence, who was cool enough to sit down with us for this Kid-Terview! She taught us that cool jobs, such as being a Secret Agent, involve math but to get to the cool stuff, you have to know the basics. Math is everywhere, people! But guess what? It’s also definitely cool. Check this awesome interview out and then go check out MoMath for yourself!

Kid-Terview with Cindy Lawrence, Executive Director of MoMath!

They have awesome special programs like “Unlimited” – a monthly program for 6th through 9th graders where the whole bottom floor is all ours – NO ADULTS ALLOWED! Learn more about that here:

They also have a Book Club for Teens and Tweens! With Pizza! The next one is on March 10th, so there’s still time to pick up Chasing Vermeer by Blue Balliett and register! My mom just ordered the book for me (math and mystery, sounds good to me!) so I may just be there myself! Learn more about Tween Primes here:

Back to Mom!

So I guess I was a “Math Person” all along, and so was Wave. Who knew? (Well, Cindy Lawrence did…) MoMath is definitely for everyone – we saw tiny kids there, kids Waverly’s age, kids my age (LOL), and even “mature” people without kids, all enjoying the countless math-related fun activities there to enjoy at MoMath (see what I did there??) You can count on MoMath for – at the very least – a fun afternoon, but when you add in the educational aspect, you end up getting “fun squared.” (I guess this is my way of combining Math and English!) See for yourself how cool math can be:

Thank you, Cindy!