Checking out the breeds before the Westminster Kennel Club Dog Show!
By Waverly W. and Peri R., 9 years old
Yesterday was the perfect day to go Meet the Breeds – a gray, rainy Saturday turned into so much fun! You could even say it was raining cats and dogs! That’s right – we said cats – more on those later!
This week is a great one for Dog – and Cat – lovers because it’s Westminster Dog Show Week – the world’s greatest dog show! Yay! We can’t wait to see who will win “Best in Show.” But before then, to get in the spirit, we headed over to Pier 92 to hang around with all the different breeds of dogs and cats. We didn’t even know there were so many different types – all of them were awesome, and no matter if you’re a Dog Person or a Cat Person, you were guaranteed to fall in love!
Look at this soft, fluffy adorable snowball! This Samoyed will be a lifelong friend who will love to go walking or running with you once he is full grown!  Look at that cute, smiling face! You get a bonus by having this kind of dog – check out the headbands we are wearing! Guess what they are made from? Give up? Samoyed hair! After you comb your dog’s hair, you can actually knit it into something really soft and warm! Although he is a “Working Dog,” we want to play with him all day!

And here we are with another Working Dog – say hello to Puppachoo! He is a Newfoundland Dog – as you can see, he is a big dog! He is also very strong, but very sweet, too! If you are looking for a lifelong friend who might even swim with you, this may be the dog for you!

We thought these Otterhounds were super cute too – and guess what? They are more rare than Giant Pandas! This is an ancient British breed who are big, shaggy, funny and friendly.  So friendly that they would NOT make a good watchdog! 🙂

What a day – we saw Terriers, Greyhounds, Great Danes and more – and got licked by a Siberian Husky! We learned so much about so many kinds of dogs and had so much fun meeting the breeds – did you know there are correct and incorrect ways to greet a dog? When saying hi to a dog, you have to imagine how YOU would feel when someone you didn’t know was greeting you! Check this handy guide by Dr. Sophia Yin out:

Now for the cats!  Look at this cute little sleeping Lycoi! He looked just like a tiny little Yoda! Also known as “The Werewolf Cat,” this is a new breed of cat that actually acts more like a dog!  We didn’t want to wake him up but take our word for it – ADORABLE!

Shh…Don’t wake the werewolf…

Most of the cats we saw were sleeping – big surprise! It was fun to pet them and watch them just lying around being cute.  We loved the hairless cat, the Donskoy – it felt just like petting skin – because it IS skin!  But our favorite (sleeping) cat had to be this Bengal. Look how beautiful this cat is!  We give this cat the “Best in Sleeping” award!

We are super exited for the Westminster Kennel Club Dog Show! No matter who “wins,” we think all of them are awesome and you will, too!
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