by Waverly W. and Jude W.S., 9 years old

My Lords, My Ladies! Are you ready to leave NYC and go back in time….to MEDIEVAL TIMES?  Well, that’s exactly what we did and we are here to report back on it.  Travel way back with us – your knight awaits you!

Waverly here! I have always wanted to have a time machine so I could see how life was in different time periods, and it turns out I didn’t even need one to actually step inside a castle from a really long time ago (Note from Mom:  11th Century Spain, to be exact).  Everything about it, from the second you get in, makes you believe and feel like you really are living in that time and taking part in a fun, exciting night, cheering for a Knight, while you eat delicious food the same way they did back then! (That means…no forks or spoons!). 

You have to sip this delicious soup!

When you go in, they give you a crown and tell you which knight you are going to be cheering for.  Ours was the black and white knight.  More on that later! We got there pretty early so we could have some fun inside the castle.  That’s where we met up with the amazing Sir Joshua of York, who had the coolest accent! He showed us around a bit and treated us like real royalty!

Honestly, it’s fun just being in there before anything actually happens.  There’s so much to look at.  Swords, crowns, jewels….even a Hall of Arms! That all got us into the mood for a little jousting of our own.  

Jude here!  We planned our trip to travel from Manhattan to New Jersey to go to Medieval Times, but didn’t realize how much fun it would be to travel back in time to the medieval age—filled with knights, falcons, horses, kings and more!  The experience started when we pulled up to the location and were surprised to see what looked like a real-life castle After we arrived, we went into a waiting area outside the main hall where we took some fun pictures with medieval props, such as the throne for a king and queen.  After a few minutes we were invited into the main hall where we were seated at a table in a cheering section for one of the knights. The evening included horse tricks, falconry and jousting by the knights, all while enjoying a hearty feast. My favorite thing about Medieval Times is the jousting. It made me feel like a true king watching over my subjects. It was especially thrilling when our knight won the jousting contest. I enjoyed everything about the evening—the food and drinks, the entertainment and especially the atmosphere.  The whole experience was so much fun that I can’t wait to find out more about the medieval age.

Back to Waverly! And back to the Black and White Knight…I have never had this much fun, or screamed so much, during dinner! The King and Princess are sitting up above, watching the whole thing with you and at the beginning, all the knights are introduced.  They are all on top of beautiful horses, there’s smoke and really cool music and I swear you really feel like you are living in Medieval Times!  Even if you don’t know much about those times, like me, they explain what is going on, but not like school! You are actually PART of the whole thing.  Here are the knights:

These guys are AWESOME! They did so much – all kinds of competitions, on and off their horses.  Sword fights and jousting, all right in front of you!  I was on the edge of my seat, hoping my knight would win!  And HE DID!! Hooray for the Black and White Knight! Jude and I went crazy…

It wasn’t just fighting and competition – they had an actual falcon that flew around the arena so quickly that there was no way I could get a picture! And the horses had their chance to show off also. There’s also a mysterious visitor who brings suspense to  the show.  Who is he and what does he want?  Hmmm…I’m not going to tell you EVERYTHING….I have never seen a show like this! I also liked when the knights went around giving roses out.  Maybe next time I’ll get one! 

Before I came here, the only thing I knew about Medieval Times was that there was a lot of torture.  Now I know more! No time machine? No problem.  Just go to Medieval Times!

The Mom here again! It really was no problem to get there at all from NYC, just a quick drive to Lyndhurst, NJ.  You really do enter an entirely different world!  The food was delicious; I have never before witnessed Waverly actually finishing her soup, and the kids loved not having to use utensils.  It was fun for us grown-ups, too! This is definitely a show for all ages.  So many birthdays were celebrated there that night and I can see why.  Excitement, chivalry, amazing showmanship….every single detail is covered here at Medieval Times New Jersey.  Everyone is super friendly, welcoming, and “authentically Medieval.”  Special thanks to the lovely Patty, the amazing Luis, and of course, the fabulous Sir Joshua of York.  If you need an escape from the everyday, we highly recommend traveling back in time…to Medieval Times!

Instagram:  @medievaltimes_nj