by Waverly W. and Peri R., 10 years old

Waverly here! When I started, I did it because I knew that there were SO MANY places to see and things to do that kids who are lucky enough to live in or near New York City could experience.  My mom and I took some time out for some “phone-free fun,” and that was how I realized that by putting your phone DOWN, the whole world is out there just waiting for you! And I’m here to tell you about a whole OTHER world just waiting for you, and you won’t believe your eyes (or ears, or nose, but we’ll get to that later)…..welcome to Pip’s Island!

Photo Courtesy of Pip’s Island

It is going to literally be impossible for me to describe this experience to you, well, it’s actually an expedition!  I can tell you that you will love going on this adventure to save Pip’s Island from the evil Joules Volter, and you will work together with a group of kids, getting explorer training and putting on a cool vest with your name on it! You will meet some funny and interesting characters along the way…..and you will go into some very cool rooms that will surprise you, and you may even be surprised at how they smell….to tell you more would ruin it for you! You HAVE to experience it for yourself!  Every room has amazing scenery that literally comes alive, and cool characters that make you feel like you are really in another world!

Photo Courtesy of Pip’s Island

Pip’s Island is an extraordinary universe that really unlocks your imagination.  I love interactive things so I was really excited to check this out.  We did stuff like sailed a ship (I swear) and we felt the wind blowing and everything! We walked through a magical freezer to get to our next destination. I mean, where can you do that?? Honestly, I knew it would be fun, but I didn’t know it would be THIS FUN! It was an awesome way to work as a team and feel like I accomplished something through teamwork.  We all had to work together to defeat the villain Joules Volter by using all the sparks we collected along the way…that was not easy and he was not nice at all! But he was also a little bit funny…check him out:

Photo Courtesy of Pip’s Island

Did Expedition 12 defeat the evil Joules and save Pip’s Island? What do YOU think?  Even better – go defeat him for yourself – it’s really exciting and awesome and I promise you have never had an adventure anything like this ever before!

Peri here! I had a lot of fun with Waverly at Pip’s Island! The people in the show were all funny and let us be in the show, too!  I got to be the captain of the ship. That part was really fun and I felt like I really WAS sailing a ship.  It was exciting, suspenseful and most of all, FUN!

Back to Wave, yes I agree, that was SO FUN and adventurous! Even the parents had fun – I saw my mom behind us crawling through the Mole Hole and I knew she loved it as much as I did.  I loved all the characters, but I have to say I think I loved the evil Joules the best, and guess what? Here is a Kid-Terview with the awesome actor who plays him, Peter Michael Marino! Check this out and I think you’ll agree, he’s not nearly as evil as Joules is, but I guarantee he will fool you when you meet him at Pip’s Island!

Time for your own adventure at Pip’s Island!

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