by Waverly Winchester, 10 years old

Don’t be fooled – I’m actually climbing the World Trade Center right now!

The Mom here!

We have been meaning to go to BAM for years now…the last time I was there was around the year 10 B.W. (Before Waverly) but it’s always something, you know? But when we got the invitation to preview BAM’s digital art playground Teknopolis where we could explore four floors of fun, creativity provoking digital art piece and experience the VR and AR installations, I knew it was time to go back to BAM. I’m so glad we went – it was like nothing we’ve ever experienced before, that’s for sure! I’m having a hard time describing it – all I come up with are the words “wow,” “amazing,” “mind-blowing,” and “genius.” Fortunately, this is a Kid Review and my job is done here. Good luck with this one, Waverly!

Waverly here!

I’m always excited for Saturdays, but I was 10 million times more excited for this Saturday, when we were going to visit BAM to check out Teknopolis. I love VR and pretty much anything to do with computers and art, so I was filled with anticipation! I had never been to BAM, so I didn’t really know what to expect. Now that I’ve been there, I can’t wait to go back! It was SO COOL. Mom is right, wow…just….wow.

Making music with audio files from cyberspace at “Audio Forager”

There were so many things to do – we put on VR goggles and saw 360 degree movies where we climbed the World Trade Center and went backstage at the circus – it was like actually being IN the circus! We “touched” things in the VR world they made noises and you would swear you were really in another world. Speaking of other worlds, in VR_I, we actually escaped our reality and entered whole new world where I was myself but not myself, and my mom was definitely not herself either! I can’t give too much away, but believe me – you have to experience this! (*Note from Mom – she’s right, we can’t give it away but you’ll know when you experience it. It will definitely blow your mind! Waverly wasn’t Waverly, but she was Waverly…and I found myself thinking about deep stuff like a mother’s love being love regardless of the fact that my daughter was a completely different person, but she still was the same person….I know, I’m not making sense, but you’ll understand if you experience VR_I for yourself, I swear!)

A seemingly ordinary room at Teknopolis but it will blow your mind!

Like Flamingos? Kristin Lucas has created the AR experience FLARMINGOS where you can create and populate a virtual habitat with life-size dancing flamingos! She was and explained why she called it “FLARMINGOS” instead of “FLAMINGOS” – because of the AR (augmented reality)! Also she explained the difference between AR and VR. In AR, you use your actual location and are able to change where you actually are. In VR, you enter a completely different world. In this exhibit, I created beautiful and funny flamingos that had a mind of their own! You can do this too, on your iPhone:

Meet my awesome FlARmingos!

That’s not all we did – downstairs in the lobby level, there were so many cool things to do, like Reflection Studies – interactive artwork using light and refraction:

And I had lots of fun with Mas Que la Cara where I looked at a screen and saw all kinds of cool stuff like this:

I was lucky enough to meet and “Kid-Terview” Molmol Kuo and Zach Lieberman, who created Mas Que la Cara together, as well as other Teknopolis exhibits! Check this out:

There was so much more to do at Teknopolis that it would take all day to tell you about them – between VR, AR, art and technology, BAM has them all. Thankfully you don’t have to choose! I told my mom, “Don’t you DARE ask me what was my favorite thing to do there!” That would be impossible – and you will feel that way, too, once you check out BAM Teknopolis!

Back to Mom!

This was truly incredible….and I think I have to go back to BAM before it’s gone! Teknopolis is only here until March 10th. Don’t miss your chance to experience it. It’s fun, thought-provoking, and mind-blowing. Wow…just…wow. Go check out Teknopolis for yourself and see what we mean.

*Choose from two types of experiences – make sure you check the age requirements! We definitely recommend that you add on the VR experiences and go right up to sign up for VR_I!

Even the logo is cool!