Kid Review of Mail Order Mystery by Waverly W., 9 years old (and Mom, 49 years old!)
The Mom here! Bill….Bill….Junk….Bill….Letter from a Mysterious Address that contains suspense, intrigue, clues, excitement and a way to send your child into a whole other world without the use of his or her cell phone? Usually, checking the mail brings nothing but “the usual” with the occasional birthday card, although these days, a birthday text is more realistic.  When I learned about Mail Order Mysterywhere every week, checking your mail becomes filled with excitement as a story and mystery unfolds, little by little,  I knew Waverly just had to try it! Did she like it? The answer is…she LOVED it.  And I must admit, I loved it, too.
Waverly here! Right after we came back from our Europe trip, my mom started leaving our mail key on the table for me to check our mailbox when I got home from school.  I never expected to find a world of dragons, trolls, knights and princesses, and I surely never expected to become and Unsuspecting Hero! Well, that’s exactly what happened, one week at a time, with cool clues, wax-sealed letters, riddles I had to solve, and lots of super surprises. I also had a very important job to do – wake a sleeping princess who has been sleeping for 699 years before she turned to dust.
I don’t want to give away anything but I can tell you that my first letter was from a knight who told me about a sleeping princess, and gave ME the assignment to wake her! This letter had a piece of paper with some very strange writing on it! It was definitely the best letter I ever got!
Until the next letter, that is…this one was from a funny troll who sent me riddles, AND something else, something very mysterious and special.  I loved checking the mail with all this excitement going on!  Every week brought surprises and happiness to my day after school ended, and I could not wait to open everything up to get closer to solving all my clues and waking the princess, hopefully, anyway. I liked the dragon the best, I think, because he was very surprising and taught me and my mom that you can’t always judge someone by how they look!

I even got to write a letter of my own and send it to a real troll – I sure hope he got it!
The last mailing (well, from this story – I am going to beg my mom to do it again and try another one out!) was my favorite, although I was sad because now it was coming to an end. It had a beautiful book, and inside the book were two more wax-sealed letters! I always loved wax-sealed letters and never imagined I would get so many someday, but I did!  My mom and I read a little of the book every day and loved all the pretty illustrations where we got to see how all the characters looked.  The story was so interesting and enchanting – I won’t give it away of course but it was a really cool story about how the princess was put to sleep, and what happened after that, and how I – yes, I – the Unsuspecting Hero – was a part of that story.

At the end of the story, we opened up the last wax-sealed letter and both my mom and I got chills with what it said.  What did it say? The answer is….Go to  Mail Order Mystery and sign up for six weeks of super suspense!  We can’t wait to do it again.  Now I’ve got to get to sleep.  Waking a princess sure tires a kid out!

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