The Mom here! One day after school, I was going through Wave’s papers and saw an order form for a poetry book by a speaker who was going to be visiting her school in the near future.  I confess, at first, I considered pretending I hadn’t seen it so I wouldn’t have to buy yet another “thing!” However, I reconsidered after remembering who my daughter is, lol.  I could pretend not to see a lot of order forms, but certainly not one for a children’s poetry book. So I made out the check and filled out the order form, and quickly forgot about the whole thing. A week or so later, the most awesome book called Galaxy Pizza and Meteor Pie comes home with her, and boy was I happy I ordered it! Filled with funny poems that we immediately started reading together, it did not take long for me to decide that this was easily my favorite purchase out of around ten thousand other things! Waverly described the also awesome experience she had in school that day with Darren Sardelli as the guest speaker, and suddenly both of us had a new favorite poet! So, who better than Darren Sardelli himself to celebrate Poem in Your Pocket Day? He was awesome enough to hang out with us for a bit, reading his favorite poem and also reading one of Wave’s during her Kid-Terview with him! 

Waverly here! Happy Poem in Your Pocket Day, everyone! I’m a big fan of both writing and reading poetry, and when I found out that my favorite poet was coming by to hang out and read and talk to me for a bit, I was so excited! A REAL POET, talking to ME! He came to our school and was very inspiring to everyone, whether they were writers like me or not.  I was really surprised to hear that he didn’t always like writing.  It just goes to show you that you never know what can happen in life! He made us all laugh so much with his poems, and I am sure that he made some people that did not like poetry into big poetry fans that day! And that is exactly what I hope to do with you today when you hear his poems and listen to my Kid-Terview with him! Check this out: 

Isn’t he so awesome?  His poems are all really fun to read and have these cool surprise twists…I was so honored that he had one of MY poems in his pocket, OMG!  As you can see behind us, he has LOTS of poems, he told us his poems are published in 23 books.  Wow!  So there is no excuse NOT to have a Darren Sardelli poem in YOUR pocket today!! 

So, what are you waiting for?  Go put a poem in your pocket…and make it a poem by Darren Sardelli!  

Check him out at and

Interested in having him visit your school? He’s an awesome speaker! Contact him at  **But be warned. You will laugh.  A lot.