Waverly here! Who says being “stuck” at home can’t be awesome for us “Quarantweens?”  Check out all of these amazing offerings from some of our favorite people and places...

Camp Broadway® introduces children ages 10-13 to the fundamentals of scene writing in this unique virtual creative writing workshop taught by professional actor, director and master teacher, Theo Lencicki. Working with a small group (limited to 15), children will find their individual voice through a series of activities that includes an icebreaker, an explanation of narrative structure, a dialogue exercise, a brainstorming session and a collective “putting it all together” process that results in a 2 minute scene. Head to www.campbroadway.com to sign up!

Wave takes an Arts Break!

Take an Arts Break with New Victory Theater at https://newvictory.org
Coming up:  Something Magical Week (April 6) There is a magician in all of us. Take the magician’s code and start your journey into your new magic profession with everyday household items. Amaze your family! Video chat and impress your friends! When this week is done, you’ll have your persona, and a few acts up your sleeve to s how off. Juggling Week (April 13) Don’t have juggling balls you say? No problem! We can teach you some basic juggling skills with things you have around your home. Get your skills down and by the end of the week you can perform as your very own juggling acts in a circus. 

Become a Guinness World Record Holder AT HOME! Introducing the #GWRChallenges! Learn all about it here and keep up with the Official Challenge page (will be updated weekly with new challenges) here

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New York Historical Society is keeping young history fans engaged with DiMenna Children’s History Museum’s hands-on activities, the History Detectives blog, and virtual family programs. From your littlest ones to your middle-school readers, they offer fun and challenging ways for your whole family to dig in, celebrate New York, and explore history. Join them on Zoom on April 8 at 1 pm for their first virtual Living History program, Meet the She-Merchants, where costumed interpreter Cheyney McKnight introduces the pioneering women who worked in business and trade in 18th-century New York. Cheyney brings to life their stories, and the goods and artifacts they imported, exported, and sold. Many more online offerings available; go to www.nyhistory.org for more info.


While public events are postponed, FunikiJam comes to you with a weekly theme & activities designed to build developmental skills and celebrate world culture. All of their  music is available wherever you stream. Visit funikijam.com for more info. Photo courtesy of Funikijam

In an effort to continue its mission of growing and developing our youngest citizens and to bring the Museum to children and families during the coronavirus pandemic, the Children’s Museum of Manhattan (CMOM) brings you”CMOM at Home,” a series of fun, educational and engaging activities for kids and families to do together at home. “CMOM at Home” is part of the Museum’s extensive offering of online resources available for families practicing social distancing. CMOM is among the institutions worldwide temporarily closed because of the coronavirus.

From slime-making, dance parties and being transported to Japan with a recipe for sushi, to making animal puppets from recycled materials around the house, creating a bedtime routine and storytimes, “CMOM at Home” is sure to delight. Each day of the week will feature a different theme:

Magical Monday is a day for math, science and technology, which helps children develop logical, critical thinking and problem solving skills and also allows them to explore their world and discover magical new things

Move & Groove Tuesday is a day for kids to get up and get the wiggles out. Physical activity in early childhood is not only associated with better physical health but is also important for the development of children’s brains and social skills.  

Our World Wednesday is a day for parents to explore the world with their children. By exposing kids to different cultures at a young age, it broadens their perspectives, helps them appreciate others and sparks their curiosity about who they and others are in the world

 Artsy Thursday is a day for kids to find their inner creativity. In today’s world, it’s easy to resort to technology in order to keep children entertained and occupied. While technology is useful, it shouldn’t come at the expense of children playing and making things with their own hands so they can express themselves in a creative way.

Feel Good Friday is a day to shape health and wellness in kids, which if learned at an early age, can be beneficial for so many reasons. Physical and emotional health not only helps children maintain a healthy life, but a healthy mind as well. And studies have shown that healthy students learn better overall. 

Storytime Saturday is a day for parents to cuddle up with a book and read to their children. Looking at books and reading together is a great way to introduce kids to letters, words and stories. Even without written words, looking at picture books and talking together build vocabulary and storytelling skills. 

Surprise Sunday is a day for just that, a surprise activity for children and families.

For more information about “CMOM at Home,” and to receive the activities email, visithttps://cmom.org/learn/cmom-at-home/

The Mom here! We send you all a big virtual hug and much love. Hopefully these ideas inspire your QuaranTWEEN or QuaranTEENIE to stay strong, stay healthy, and stay positive and ENGAGED.