Every year my mom and I go on a big trip together.  This year we decided to go to Arizona to see the Grand Canyon.  We started off by flying into Las Vegas for one night.  We stayed at a hotel called The Luxor.  It was shaped like a pyramid!  The room was slanted and it felt like we really were staying in an ancient pyramid, except for the view of the pool out the window, lol.  We only stayed one night but it was MAGICAL since we had 2nd row tickets to see the Criss Angel show called, “Mindfreak.”  Yeah, it was freaky for sure.   He actually flew and also made hundreds of birds appear out of nowhere and fly into the audience!  He had an assistant named Chloe who turned a human into a fluffy dog right in front of our eyes.


The next morning we started out with the fluffiest pancakes ever (the waitresses had cool glittery nails!) at Denny’s before driving to our next stop, Grand Canyon Caverns.  We took “historic Route 66” and saw a bull on the side of the road! My mom got out to take a picture and then when she got back in the car she said that I should never do anything like that since it was dangerous.  (Umm, mom, then why was it ok for YOU to do it?)  Route 66 was really interesting with old cars that were all worn out and rusty along the way.  It’s a really old fashioned drive and you can also see lots of old time stores and restaurants as you drive along.

At Grand Canyon Caverns we took a tour 200 feet below the ground to the largest dry caverns in the United States.  It is huge down there and they even have a hotel suite where you can stay overnight. It has a little movie theater with old Hollywood movie seats and cool colored lights that you can turn off if you’re brave enough! That costs over a thousand dollars a night, though, so we couldn’t do it this time! People have even gotten married there and there are lots of old bouquets of flowers along the walls from the brides who left them there. Of course, there are plenty of crystals hanging there, too.

Next stop:  Grand Canyon!!  I learned that it is one of the seven natural wonders of the world and the only one in America.  My mom was really scared and kept telling me that I was not allowed to run or monkey around.  I think she must have told me that a million times on the way there.  We went to the Eastern Rim and it was seriously amazing!  You might not want to look down, though, if you’re afraid of heights.

On to dinosaur tracks.  That’s right, I said dinosaur tracks, real ones!  We stopped at a place called Tuba City where there were hundreds and hundreds of dinosaur tracks.  They were certified to be authentic by Paleontologists and I got to put my hand in them.  Definitely amazing!  I imagined how many dinosaurs used to run around the flat land as I walked around looking at all the different tracks. These dinosaurs existed around 200 million years ago and their tracks are completely preserved today.  Totally awesome!

Now we’re in Sedona as I’m finishing up my awesome adventure article.  We’re about to visit a ghost town and climb some of the famous red rocks. That’s it for now though…time for more adventure! See ya on the road!