Did you know that Central Park is home to many different kinds of birds?
From Robins to Owls, and everything in between! So grab your binoculars, and go for a “birdwalk.” Before you go, here are some helpful tips:

  1. Keep your eye on the bird! Bring the binoculars to your eyes, don’t look away.
  2. Keep your fingers on the center focus wheel. Turn until it’s clear. This can take months of practice, but don’t give up!
  3. Shhhhhh…..stay quiet…every bird has a different call, a different song. Listen for it. Then follow the sound.
  4. Think of the tree where you spot a bird as a clock. The bird is the minute hand. Then you can tell others where it is. For example, “Look! A Cardinal, twelve-forty!”
  5. If you see any movement, keep your eyes right on it. Eventually you will spot that bird. Good luck and enjoy your birdwatching!