DispatcfrmBCthumbnail Written By Maya P. 
9 years old / Brooklyn

This summer I’m a long way from home in British Columbia!  I saw lots in Vancouver, but now I’m in Galiano. I have to share a bed with Lila, my younger sister – which I hate.  That’s the only bad part of this trip, though.  I love seeing Bald Eagles and Orcas which are cool and I love love love the beaches which are sooooo awesome! I saw lots of starfish and cool tips of bulb kelp, which sort of looks like kelp and a turnip, red seaweed. There’s an amazing look-out and we also get a private beach, but not for swimming. I saw tons of shellfish, such as clams, mussels, oysters, and barnacles, but we can’t eat them without getting sick. That’s because they come into contact with red algae which is poisonous – not fair!

In Victoria, we went to high tea (fancy tea), had sandwiches and scones with clotted cream. Then we went to Butchart Gardens which were really beautiful, but first we got to pet carriage horses. Their velvety noses were so soft.

We went to the mountains at Whistler and rode the gondolas from peak to peak.

This is truly an awesome adventure! Although I love this vacation, I still love Brooklyn, home sweet home.  See ya soon!