Let’s show our appreciation for NYC’s teachers every day at 4:00 during what should have been their vacation!

Waverly here! I’m writing this at the exact moment I was supposed to be on a plane going to London. Never in a million years would I have imagined that I wouldn’t be going on that vacation…or on ANY vacation. As you know, school has been cancelled due to the coronavirus. It hasn’t been easy for us kids and it definitely hasn’t been easy for our teachers, who had to learn a whole new way of teaching basically overnight. We were all really looking forward to a break, even if we had to stay home. But only recently we found out that there will be no spring break! Not even for a couple of days.

My New “School!”

Teachers are nonstop workers, and now they have to work even harder for longer, which is not fair at all, in my opinion. They deserve a break from their endless lesson planning and grading, but now they won’t get one any time soon. But together, we can thank our amazing teachers. In addition to a vacation, they deserve love and recognition. So why don’t we give it to them? Every day on what what supposed to be a week off for them, from April 13th to 17th at 4:00, let’s clap for our teachers who are putting in lots of extra work so kids like me can keep up with our education, just like we do at 7:00 for all the awesome essential workers. Cheer for the people who teach us no only things like math and science, but also how to step up and do what needs to be done when times are tough. This is not an easy time for anyone but we, New York City, can get through this together with a little love. Let’s show that love to teachers and let them know that even if their vacation got taken away, they will never lose our love and appreciation.