By Skye A.
8 years old / Brooklyn

  1. THE POOL! The first day was unlimited swimming ( I LOVED that). The girls were very friendly and helpful. I picked up tons of swimming techniques and fun games.
  2. COOKIE HALL! This is where we ate and had fun activities. The food was A-mazing…not many veggies but we always had dessert
  3. FOREST HAVEN (our cabin)-We had a very difficult time locating our cabin, we actually moved into the wrong cabin…that wasn’t good, it was like the three bears returning and finding us in their home…they kicked us right out…how rude! Once we finally found our cabin, we had LOTS of cleaning! We shared our cabin with one other family.
  4. ACTIVITIES! I LOVED all the fun activities. Cooking over a camp-fire, learning about the bug life, feeding the chickens archery and fishing.
  5. My Favorite part of Camp Kaufmann was the FRIENDS I  MADE!