By Mairead L.
8 years old / Manhattan

There’s No Bones About It!

In the movie, The Secret Life of Pets, Max is a dog with a few friends.  When Max’s owner brings home another dog named Duke, Max is not too happy.  Things get a little messy when Max and Duke get separated from the dog walker!  They meet a bunny named Snowball who is leading a revolution against humans.  When Snowball finds out that Max and Duke belong to a human, he is out to get them!  Luckily, Max’s friend, a dog named Gidget, is desperate to find Max and she gets a group of other pets to join the search.  Will Max and Duke make it home?  Will Snowball carry out his plan against humans?  Will Gidget save Max and Duke in time?  Watch The Secret Life of Pets to find out!

If you have pets, you should see this movie because you will find out what your pets are up to while you are at school!  Even if you do not have pets, you will love this movie because it is funny.  My favorite part was when Max and Duke end up in a sausage factory where all their sausage dreams come true!  I give this movie five out of five popcorn kernels!