by Maya P.
9 years old
On my parents’ anniversary, my dad bought my mom an egg. But not just any egg…this was an ostrich egg. img_85111And even more it was a full ostrich egg, not just a hollow shell. How did my dad get an ostrich egg, you may ask? Well, I wasn’t there, but I know this much – there is an ostrich ranch in New Jersey and every Saturday, if front of Prospect Park in Brooklyn, there is a farmers’ market where the rancher sells eggs, ostrich meat, and other products. My dad bought the egg and brought it home. My mom pierced the top of the egg, then blew into the egg so that the egg yolk would come out of the other side. We only used a small portion of the egg, but we made a big  breakfast  omelette with the egg, some cheese, tomatoes, and hamburger buns. That’s how we spent my parent’s anniversary breakfast.