by Gavin M.
8 years old


The other day we did not want to cook. The closest restaurant was a German Restaurant called Heidelberg on Second Avenue. I wanted to go there and it was really good. Me and my Mom like the pretzels there and we wanted to eat them. It looks like a beer shop when you walk in but the food is outstanding! It feels like home when you come in because it’s cozy. The people that work there are nice. They always bring a fresh basket of 2 different breads and 4 packages of butter. They had an Oktoberfest menu so we ordered some new things to try. We ordered potato dumplings with onions and bacon and a fried egg on top, Gruner Bohneneintopf (a beef stew with potatoes and green beans) and a side of bacon. img_0839The bacon was nice and crispy. It was really tasty. The dumplings tasted like potato chips and the egg was nice and juicy. The beef in the stew was tender. For dessert I had a plum crumble that was delicious. It was crunchy on top and also topped with whipped cream and powdered sugar. Heidelberg means “Huckleberry Mountain.” The restaurant is 100 years old and family owned. I would highly recommend this restaurant for kids who like to try new things! Heidelberg is the best German Restaurant Ever! I hope you read my other article on!