by Waverly W.
8 years old

City Kids, Country Kids…and Mac!

Mom Here – Wave and I love living in NYC with all its interesting people, places and things to do, but that doesn’t mean we don’t enjoy a little country time once in a while.  We met Jason Minard, owner of Minard’s Family Farms in Clintondale, NY, a few weeks ago when Waverly was lucky enough to get to go to Fox and Friends’ Fall Festival – I was very impressed with how he turned a city block into an authentic patch of country charm, complete with pumpkins, bales of hay, and apple cider.  Waverly loved it so much that she decided to take the city to the country and check out Minard’s in person.  We brought along 11-year old Kid Reporters, Evan and Chris L. for an awesome adventure beyond the boroughs! We met up with adorable Country Kids Gia and Lulu T., Adriana M., Jordan and Jada N., Jack G., and the one and only George N. and they showed us a heckuva great time! Here is their story.

The Kiditor here, writing for Evan and Chris.  I better tell you that you might notice from the pictures that one of us has bright pink hair.  That’s Chris and he wants everyone to know he did that for Breast Cancer Awareness.  Last week his hair was blue.  I hope he doesn’t dye it orange for Halloween! Anyway, this is about our fabulous, fun, farm day, not hair, so let’s get started!

When we first pulled into the driveway of Minard’s, and got out of the car, we went into the store part.  Wow, I could smell all those apple cider donuts from the second we walked in! YUM!  Of course I had to sample some and boy, were they delicious!  My mom reminded me that this was the same place where we got an apple pie a few weeks ago when I was at the Fox TV Fall festival…we literally ate the whole pie in one night! It was that good! My mom said she’d get me a donut later, if I was nice to the country kids.  Like I wouldn’t be nice!!

It was close, but…City Kids won!

We went out to meet all the kids, they were on the Jumbo Jumping Pillow.  There were adults on it too, jumping around and having fun! You don’t see that so much. Everyone was super nice right from the start. My mom made us sit and do a little video like a thousand times right after we met, though, when all we wanted to do was see all the stuff they have and have fun! Finally she gave up and said she’d try later.  We all immediately ran to play Tug of War, and after a good fight, well, city kids won!  That made us thirsty so we walked over to “Ad’s Lemonade” stand to grab a cool glass of pink lemonade, my favorite drink! (Matched Chris’ hair too, lol…)20161023_151134

Then we went to pitch some apples and hit targets like dinosaurs, etc.  My mom went in front of us to take a picture and was really scared that we were all going to hit her with apples!  She kept yelling not to shoot, but just so you know I would never hit my mom with an apple!  That was so fun.  We have never done that before and I can’t wait to do it again!  We all stopped for a quick face paint and sand art necklace (I love both of those things SO MUCH!) before having fun together in the Tumble Bus.  It’s a really cool bus where we all jumped around on a little trampoline.

Enter the Corn Maze…if you dare!

Evan and Chris went into the corn maze and loved it, they like that kind of stuff.  Here is a fun fact – if you look at the corn maze from way high up above, it actually spells out “I <3 NY” and has a picture of the Statue of Liberty in an apple inside the maze!  I was happy they made it out…the entrance looked spooky.  Next year I’m going in!

Jason, the Agritainment Whiz!

Next it was time for a hayride through the apple orchards with Jason.  Jason is the best! He is making it so this place is fun for all seasons.  He is building the largest country slide in the nation and it will be ready next fall! Another thing I’m definitely doing! He got Santa to come for a visit on the Friday after Thanksgiving – yes, the REAL Santa! –  (Note from The Mom: Yes, Jason is the best!  He has such great plans for the farm, including a really nice spot for a Country Wedding! He had a vision like I did for starting Kids’ News NYC, knew he had to do it, and made it happen. In just a year he had most of these fun things built that the kids enjoyed. OK, sorry to interrupt…)

On our hayride, we learned a lot of interesting things and saw really beautiful views of mountains.  Did you know that apples are the only fruit that can’t be picked by a machine? Also, there is a new kind of apple tree.  It is much smaller than the old trees but it grows 5 times as many apples!  He has to order these trees 3 years in advance.  Best of all, though, is how they taste!  Jason said the Golden Delicious taste like candy, so I went right for them, and guess what?  They do!  I actually finished a whole apple.  Another thing I’ve never done in my life!  LOL.  On the hayride my mom finally got her little video, too, so everyone was happy! foto_no_exif-8

After that,   I really wanted my donut, so even though there were way more things to do (Tire Mountain!  Spider Web!)  so we went back into the store.  There are so many things you can get there to bring back to the city, like apple fritters, cinnamon roles, caramel apples, apple cider, (OMG) and even pizza and hot dogs to eat while you’re there.  While we were in there, my mom asked if I would give the place two thumbs up.  “No,” I said, “I’d give it a thousand thumbs up!

The real boss, George.

So, about the “country kids,” I have to say they were really nice and funny!  My mom said to George, “George, someday you’re going to own this place!” He said, “I already do.”  I want them all to come visit us in the city for a Kids’ News NYC Day out!  They can even bring along Mac the Apple.  Hmm…Mac the Apple comes to the Big Apple.  I see a story there!  Mac, you are officially invited!

The Mom here, again! I want to thank Minard’s and all the kids for being so welcoming and accommodating…I have a feeling they are like that with all of their visitors, though! It really does feel like family.  As I was writing this I thought to myself, “I wish I had a family farm.” But then I realized, I sort of DO have one!  And you can, too.  Even if only for one day…

For more info on Minard’s Family Farm, check out their website:
Facebook:  (You MIGHT see The Kiditor and Mom dancing with a couple of apples and a bunch of kids here…..)