By Maggie Y.  

8 years old / Manhattan 


Hi, my name is Maggie. Today, I am doing a review on a pizzeria called Roma’s. Roma’s is located on 3rd Avenue and 88th street. It has a variety of selections. You can get broccoli pizza. You can also pick anchovies, meatballs, extra cheese, and much more.  Oh, and did I mention that they have hot dogs? Believe me, it’s true! I recommend that you go there because they have really good pizza. I love their pizza because their crust is crispy, their tomato sauce isn’t too salty, and their cheese is yummy.  Roma’s does not have big seating area, so I suggest you order takeout. But it is okay if you want to eat there, too.  If you want to go there, then enjoy your pizza (or hot dog!) and have a great time at Roma’s!