The BEST way to see London! 
by Waverly W., 8 years old, Manhattan (but writing from London!)foto_no_exif-158

Today was definitely an AWESOME ADVENTURE!  I got to see all of London from the top of a double decker tour bus called The Original Tour!  I was so excited for this part of my trip, and it was even more fun than I expected it would be!

We got on in Trafalgar Square at the Original London Visitor Center.  They gave me a bag of fun stuff to do while on the tour that had a cool activity book and Passport to London in it – and while I was waiting for our bus to come, I started reading it and honestly, the book was way more interesting than the book my mom bought us to read about London….sorry mom!foto_no_exif-157

I was crossing my fingers for a spot on top of the bus, and yay, we got one!   I was ready to learn all about London and I was so happy not to have to walk around! Yesterday, my mom made us walk for like a hundred miles but she kept saying, “Don’t worry, tomorrow you’ll be on a bus relaxing!” This was gonna be so cool…

Our guide’s name was Tim and he was very funny!  (I thought it would be boring to hear a grown up talk about London’s history…they have a Kids Commentary you can listen to, and I was planning on it, but he was so funny that I didn’t have to!)  He was like a really funny teacher whose class you love going to.  He sure had a lot to say!  He even made learning about shoes interesting! For example, there is this shoe store called “LOBB.” Guess how much a pair of shoes cost?  Four thousand dollars!! Nine thousand for crocodile skin!! “Those tend to get snapped up,” according to Tim (See, he’s funny!).  I think he literally knows everything about London.  Here is only SOME of what I learned:  They don’t put up statues of Monarchs until after they die.  Hyde Park was once a hunting ground.  You can ride horses in Hyde Park. In the old days, they would hang 24 people at a time!  Oxford Street has 53 shops and one pub!  Queen Elizabeth II is the longest reigning Monarch and her son is the guy who has been waiting the longest to be King!  Fresh flowers get delivered every Monday to the Queen.  There are 60 horses in The Royal Mews and The Queen knows them all by name and sight….that is just a tiny example of all the things I learned today while on The Original Tour!  Even though I learned, NONE of it was boring! 🙂


We literally saw all of London today – Buckingham Palace, Big Ben, Piccadilly, The Tames River, London Bridge, The Tower Bridge, The Ritz Hotel, you name it, we saw it on The Original Tour! I tried to take notes and pictures of everything but honestly, I was having too much fun listening to Tim and learning all about London. foto_no_exif-161Here’s what I think – you need to go on this amazing bus tour yourself!  

So, would I recommend The Original Tour to anyone going to London?  Well, take a look at this picture, I give it TWO THUMBS UP!  It’s definitely the best way to see London! And if you see Tim, tell him Kids’ News NYC says hi!

Two thumbs up for The Original Tour!

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