Getting Pampered (and “Ponied) at Milk and Cookies Kids Spa
by Waverly W. and Ale P., 8 years old, Manhattan

Waverly here! Kids’ News NYC keeps me very busy…so it sure is nice to take a break sometimes and head over to my favorite place to get pampered, Milk and Cookies Kids Spa!  This time, they had a whole bunch of new My Little Pony Treatments for me and my friend and fellow Kid Reporter Ale to choose from!  Rainbow Dash is my favorite pony, so of course I chose the “Rainbow Dash” where co- owner Tey Chenne gave me a really cool side ponytail with all the different Rainbow Dash colors! To make it extra special, she added a cutie mark, of course!  And then…SPARKLES! Here’s my before and after pics:




I even got to pick a pony to take home! It is always a super fun time at Milk and Cookies, but when you add My Little Pony to it, it’s Ponyriffic!  

I got to bring a friend with me, so since I was having a Sleepover Night with Ale, of course i chose her, so we could start the fun early!  Ale and her mom went for the deluxe “My Little Pony” package, where they got everything a mom, kid…or pony could want to get in a spa day together – side by side manicures, pedicures, and “Frosting Facials!”

Ale here!  Milk & Cookies Kids Spa was so cool!! Waverly and I brought our Moms along to start off our sleepover night. Mom & I  got to have raspberry fizz massages for our feet and sprinkle massages for our hands for our mani/pedi. We also got a facial – and we got to pick how it smelled! You get milk & cookies at the end of course. There are 3 flavors of milk and 3 flavors of cookies. We were there when the My Little Pony things were happening,  but I bet it will be fun anytime! Next time I’m going back to get my hair done – I really liked the Rainbow Dash hairdo too!

Tracy and Isis made us feel like glamour queens!


My favorite part was the facal…they put sprinkle stuff all over my face! Then we got to sit back and relax…foto_no_exif-118

Ale’s Mom here!  This was a really cute thing for us to do together! It wasn’t the same mani/pedi that you get at the adult spa, but getting to do it together was worth it. The facial portion may not be the best for all skin types, so skip that part if you’re concerned about your sensitive skin. And P.S. the milk comes without flavors too if you’re sugar-phobic like me! 

Wave here again! While they were getting all that done, I hung around the back room and watched their big screen tv and played with some of the toys they have in there.  It’s never boring, even when you have to wait!  I met another girl who was there named Tabitha who was there getting “The Rarity” – what a great way to start a vacay!!  

When Ale was finished, we all got together at the Cookie Cafe to finish off our fabulous spa day (at this point it was almost night time!!)


What a fun way to start my vacation and sleepover night! I can’t wait to go back, like always! Even though the ponies have trotted away now, they can still do the same stuff as that menu but with different names.  Definitely check it out if you feel like being sparkly and fancy sometime! Or if you and your mom have been doing way too much math homework and just need to sit back and relax and have a cookie together!  And if you’re a serious My Little Pony fan (who isn’t????) guess what? My Little Pony: The Movie comes out in October! See you there, and I’ll definitely have my hair done beforehand at Milk and Cookies Kids Spa beforehand, so look for the girl with the rainbow side pony and make sure you say hi!