Waverly here! At Harlem Shake, you are never bored and you are definitely never hungry! You can count on the fact that there is ALWAYS something fun to do and ALWAYS something delicious to eat and drink!! Whether it’s look at the signatures of the celebrities who have been there, or SHAKE to the brilliant music playing, you will always have a blast here! And that isn’t even the best part!!  Check out their Mississippi Mudslide Shake, YUM!

    (Adults – enjoy this with a shot of Bailey’s and kids – enjoy it WITHOUT!)

I was so happy to learn that Harlem Shake is open after not having been there for a long time, so I was really excited as soon as I got there, because of how fun everything looked, just like I remembered! I sat down and received my menu (COVID-compliant paper/disposable). And oh boy, when I tell you by smile was the BIGGEST it had ever been when I checked out all my options! There were so many amazing choices, I wanted to try them all! Shakes, burgers, fries, even healthy stuff for my mom and an Impossible Burger for her vegan boyfriend….and when it came time to eat it, I can’t even describe how HEAVENLY the food was! Every bite I couldn’t believe how absolutely splendid it was! I tried to take notes but honestly, all I could think about was eating, and the same for everyone at my table! We were literally all in heaven.

I was NOT ready when I started sipping my shake either! I can GUARANTEE it is the BEST. SHAKE. EVER. No matter what flavor! Every one is just heaven in a cup! Mine had their own special homemade caramel…OMG….Well?? What are you waiting for!? Go to Harlem Shake ASAP and try the best meal you have ever had!!

Facebook/Instagram: @harlemshakenyc