Hanging Out With the Hounds at The Westminster Dog Show
by Peregrine R., 8 years old, ManhattanThere were CATS at the meet the breeds Westminster!! I didn't get…-4

I love dogs so much! Is there a  better way to spend Valentine’s Day than at The Westminster Kennel Club Dog Show, where I was lucky enough to have insider access and to take close up pictures of my favorites while covering it for Kids’ News NYC?  Not for me there isn’t!  Before I went I didn’t know too much about the dog show but I found out that the whole thing was started by two guys who just wanted to brag about their own hunting dogs!  Isn’t that crazy? And now it’s a huge show and contest, and a really big deal! The dogs go through so many competitions in lots of different categories…and only one can win “BEST IN SHOW.” Before they get to compete in this show, there’s like a million hours of training and competing to get there.  So who won it this year?  Not so fast! I’ll tell you in a minute!  (Here’s a hint, though, the rumors are true!)

First I want to tell you that there were CATS at the AKC Meet the Breeds Westminster!! I didn’t get to see them but that sounds crazy!! I was so surprised to hear that.  Wouldn’t the dogs chase the cats? 

I saw all kinds of dogs like the Chesapeake Bay Retriever that has a wavy waterproof coat that’s oily to the touch like a duck, and a Flat Coat Retriever that was black and shiny and looked like a beautiful golden retriever but it was black.  My favorite dog of all was George, the Great Dane!  Here I am with him, looking very serious:There were CATS at the meet the breeds Westminster!! I didn't get…-5

We really wanted him to win the working group but the Boxer won that group instead.  Better luck next year, George! I’m rooting for ya!

And here I am with the Number 4 dog in the working group,”Tag” the Burnese Mountain Dog:

There were CATS at the meet the breeds Westminster!! I didn't get…-3

Adrian, the Irish Setter, won “reserve best in show.” That’s basically second place I got to see him backstage while he was being groomed for best in show. He had a fan blowing his hair back like a super model!!! It was crazy in all the best ways. Look at how gorgeous he is!!

There were CATS at the meet the breeds Westminster!! I didn't get…

It was a school night so I couldn’t stay to see the Best in Show Dog get announced.  That prize went to 5 year old German Shepherd Dog Rumor! I learned later on that last year she didn’t win, but see how things can happen if you keep trying?  Here she is this year as the big winner, the “Best in Show!”

Photo: Jack Grassa, courtesy of Westminster Kennel Club.org

I think ALL the dogs are winners! They worked really hard to get to the Westminster Dog Show so I think they all are amazing!  I’ve decided that I’d like to try hand at showing dogs but I’m pretty sure I’ll need a LOT of practice.  Good thing I’m only 8 so there’s lots of time…

The Mom here! So let’s learn a lesson from this year’s big winner.  Like the saying goes, “If at first you don’t succeed, try, try again!”  Thank you to Kid Reporter Peri for covering this fabulous event, and thank you to the Westminster Kennel Club for giving her media credentials and insider access so she could enjoy a “bird’s eye view” of the dogs and get such fabulous pictures with them!  Hope to see you next year to find out if Adrian the Irish Setter follows in Rumor’s footsteps…