Review of Derren Brown: Secret on Broadway
by Waverly Winchester

Waverly here! I’ve watched a few Derren Brown specials and videos with my mom and her boyfriend, who are huge fans, so when we learned he was coming to Broadway, we knew we HAD to experience him live right here in our city.  I didn’t know exactly what to expect but one thing I knew is that it would be mind-blowing. Was I right? Three guesses. It’s no secret that Derren Brown is amazing and uses people’s minds to do some unbelievable things.  But exactly what he does in this show? Well…sorry, it’s a secret…

Credit: Matthew Murphy

Walking into the Cort Theater, I noticed that the stage did not have too many things on it. There was only a chair and a bowl on the stage.  Derren Brown doesn’t need a lot of props, that’s for sure! He does it all with his mind, and the audience’s minds.  He seems like a normal guy who is nice and funny and speaks with a British accent (Just in case you wanted to know),but he is anything but normal!  He says he uses “the power of the perfectly placed lie” to do what he does, and tells us that he is “honest about his dishonesty.”  That made us all laugh!

OK, so here’s the hard part – I am sworn to secrecy and I can’t tell you what he actually does up on that stage!  I can tell you that he chose audience members randomly by throwing a frisbee, and I can say for sure that there is NO WAY the people who were chosen were in on things.  Some parts included the entire audience, and it was really exciting and suspenseful to be a part of what was going on.  I can reveal that he read people’s minds and revealed people’s strangest secrets (nothing terrible!!).  I can also say he is a really good artist!​

Credit: Matthew Murphy

Oh, and one more thing…look out for a man in a gorilla suit.  I mean it.  Try your hardest to be very observant!  The show went so fast and was filled with so many different types of – I don’t even know what to call it! Tricks? Magic? Illusions? All of the above? Honestly it’s kind of unexplainable, and that makes it even more fun! Derren Brown is a master mind-blower and every minute of this show is incredible.  

Credit: Matthew Murphy

At the end of the show, a huge secret is revealed and I’m still thinking about it and trying really hard to figure out how he did it!  One of the audience members who was part of it and went up on stage was sitting right by us, so after the show we went to speak to him.  He could barely speak because he was basically in shock about what had just happened!  He said it was totally random and his mind was totally blown.  So was ours! Yours will definitely be, too, when you get in on Derren Brown’s Secret on Broadway! 

*Not recommended for children under 12

Check out Derren Brown: Secret at The Cost Theater, only running until January 4th, 2020!