Kid Review of Peter Michael Marino’s Show Up, Kids!
Presented by FRIGID New York, playing at The Kraine Theater
by Waverly W. and Gavin M., 10 years old
The Mom here!  Wave and I have seen many, many shows, and we have loved them all! Today we present to you an entirely, unique, funny and completely unpredictable theater experience in which literally anything can happen.  Peter Michael Marino brings us all in on the wild, unpredictable fun, making the audience a huge part of the production.  Read Wave and Gavin’s take on it below and I’m sure you’ll want to “show up” for it, too!
Waverly here! When I heard about this show, I expected to have a blast, laughing my pants off! I was so excited I could barely speak – or laugh – because I love Improv! You never know what is going to happen! When we walked into the theater it was nice and cool in there and I liked how it was very dark with bright colors and props on the black stage.  A few minutes later, Peter came out and told us that Sally the Silly Songwriter was coming to do a show…but wait, something went wrong, and Sally couldn’t come! It was already funny when he explained why she was not coming, but I won’t spoil it! 
Peter was very nervous at that point and had to figure out what to do with all those people in the audience who came for a show! So guess what he did? He picked GAVIN to do the show!
We were all surprised and laughing so much.  Gavin said, “Me no English” and Peter had to figure something else out! So guess what? We all created the show together!  We were “the writer, the director and the EVERYTHING” of the show! It was so fun to be involved like that! With an empty box and some funny props, we all created funny stories with crazy characters that Pete somehow tied all together into one amazing show.  The whole audience was involved and laughing the whole time.  He is so silly!
You have to see this guy try to open a juice box. (Mom here – I know the feeling….)
I think the best part was when Pete had kids from the audience do different jobs (I was the Set Designer) and he made up a story with the props, set, costumes and music that we each picked. It was fun and exciting to be part of the show like that! And the stories he (we) made up were totally hysterical.  He would ask us questions and we would give him the answers (I got to tell him a Super Power – Invisibility- that was worked into one of the stories) and from those answers he made up really funny songs and stories.  How does he do that? I guess that’s his Superpower!
Together, we made up characters like “Poopy Toot,” “Stinky Pete” – and Oprah even stopped by! Like I said, you never know what is going to happen!
Gavin here! This was a fun and interesting show that made me laugh a lot.  It brings out your humor and imagination.  I thought Pete was really funny, like when he was acting like he was afraid at the beginning of the show.  It was fun to be a part of this show and also fun to get to go onto the stage afterwards for pictures and to play around with the props. 
Wave here again! I liked doing that too and think it’s really cool that after the show, kids from the audience can go up and play around a little and take pictures.  That never gets to happen at other shows! There are a million reasons why this show is not like any other show you have been to.  Usually the kids are just watching things happen, but here kids are actually a part of the show! Peter Michael Marino definitely has a superpower, that’s for sure – he can make a funny, fabulous show out of anything that’s thrown at him! So go SHOW UP to Show Up, Kids and be a part of the action yourself! And make sure you watch our Kid-terview with this funny guy at the top of the page!
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