by William M., 5 years old, Manhattan
IMG_19271My family was excited to see Beauty and the Beast because it is my dad’s favorite Disney movie. We went all together on a Friday after school. I was excited to go see it because I saw the commercial for it on TV and my dad said it looked good. The theatre was very big.

At first I was very scared of the beast just like the characters in the movie were but after a while I started to like him because he was nice to Belle. He showed her so many cool books and became her friend. I thought that Gastón looked cool but on the inside he was mean. The Beast was much nicer. I really liked LeFou and I felt happy when he finally stood up to Gastón. I was sad when the last petal from the rose fell, and I thought the beast would not wake up. When he did, it was great that the whole house of helpers turned back into people.

The music and the dancing were really cool and my mom said everything was beautiful! It was colorful like a dream. My dad talked about the movie the whole weekend because he liked it so much. My brother Gavin was also scared of the beast in the beginning but he liked it when he turned back into himself and everyone was happy to be back together at the end.

I told all my friends to go see the movie and I want to go see it again because it was really cool and if you haven’t seen it yet I think you should too. I want to see it again as soon as I can!