by Waverly W. and Peri R.
8 years old, Manhattan

Waverly here! Yesterday my friend Peri and I got to see Trolls in 4DX – that was my first time seeing a movie like that and it was AWESOME!

Peri here! Yep, she’s right! You get to see a cool movie AND the seats move – how awesome is that?  And our moms gave us little trolls to watch the movie with us.

Waverly here! Before the movie even started, it was like being on a ride at Disneyland during the previews!   20161111_114518

Ok, back to the movie!  We loved those cute colorful little trolls and we loved going on their adventure to freedom from the evil troll-eating Bergens!  There was not one boring part, not even for one single second.

Peri here!  Yeah, the whole movie was great, especially when the Cloud guy comes and tries to make Branch high five him and keeps tricking him! That’s my favorite part.  I love the songs too, especially “Get Back Up Again” – my mom and I listen to that every morning!  Also “What U Workin With?”

Waverly here!  I love that song, too, and “Can’t Stop the Feeling,” of course.  I think this movie had the best music out of any movie I’ve ever seen.  When the seats moved it was like dancing in your seats!  One sad part of the movie was when Bridget was called “Idiot” – that made me feel bad for her…but the movie was fun and adventurous and it had a great ending!

Peri:  Yes, that was actually the second time I saw it, maybe I’ll ask my mom to take me again!!  

Waverly:  My mom sometimes falls asleep in movies but she didn’t in this one! She said it was because the music was so great and also because the seats kept moving! Plus all the wind and flashing lights from the 4DX….and of course the actual raindrops!

All the pretty colors of the movie and the cute trolls on the screen made us want to make our own drawings of trolls, modeled after our Tokidoki Unicorns! Go see the movie, maybe you will be inspired also!  Even if you’re not, we guarantee you will dance out of the theater and be in a really good mood!  You should also check out Peri’s review of Miss Peregrine’s Home for Peculiar Children right here on! foto_no_exif-36