Kid Review of The Prom on Broadway, plus BONUS KID-TERVIEW with the awesome Brooks Ashmanskas, by Waverly Winchester, 10 years old.

Waverly here! I went to The Prom last week – no, I’m not talking about a school prom, I’m only ten! I’m talking about The Prom on Broadway! I was excited to go, and I knew from my mom that it was going to be super funny with really talented performers, and also that it was about a girl who wanted to bring another girl to her school prom. I asked my mom why that was a big deal and she said that not everyone feels that way and that was what the show was basically about. She also warned me that there would be some curse words but told me it was nothing that I never heard her say! So off I went to The Prom…should you take YOUR kids to The Prom? Well, if you want them to see a really funny, meaningful and enouraging show…then the answer is…DEFINITELY!

The show is about a girl named Emma who wants to take her girlfriend to the prom, but it wasn’t allowed because the school board didn’t want lesbians there (though it was unfair). So some Broadway stars come to Indiana to help out…but do they do it for themselves or for Emma? Hmmm..find out when YOU go to The Prom! The stars are all HYSTERICALLY FUNNY and AMAZINGLY TALENTED. We were laughing pretty much the whole time. There were so many “showstopper songs” like “It’s Not About Me” performed by awesome actress Beth Leavel (she is SO funny and her voice is incredible), “Zazz,” performed by the amazing Angie Schworer (you’ll know why when you see it – OMG is all I can say), and “Barry is Going to Prom,” performed by the hysterically funny Brooks Ashmanskas.

Speaking of hysterically funny, the character of Trent Oliver, played by Christopher Sieber, also had us laughing so much! Everyone went crazy when he came onstage and I thought he looked familiar…then my mom told me he was Mrs. Trunchbull in Matilda – I loved him in that and I loved him in this! And I can’t leave out the amazing harmonies between Emma and Alyssa (played by Caitlin Kinnunen and Isabelle McCalla) – I loved hearing them sing, both together and alone! Literally every one of their songs was amazing. My mom couldn’t stop singing “Just Breathe” (but honestly, Caitlin sounds a lot better, sorry mom).

And I haven’t even mentioned the dancing!! Everyone was doing epic dance moves! Everyone in the ensemble is so super talented. Kids should see The Prom on Broadway because they can learn that we should be confident in ourselves, no matter who or what we are. It will also help them accept people who are different than they are. This show is not only meaningful;, but a really funny musical comedy as well, and that is one great combination!

I had the awesome opportunity to pick which actor I wanted to interview after I saw the show.  That was not an easy decision, because I really loved them all.  I chose Tony nominee Brooks Ashmanskas and he was so nice to let me Kid-Terview him! Check this out:

Do you get nervous when you play Barry? Yes. I’m always nervous. But playing Barry in this show gives me strength. He’s a wonderful character to play. 

What is the best part and the worst part about being a Broadway star?
I don’t consider myself a “Broadway star”, but the best part is to work with all these wonderful people and to share this fantastic show with all who come to see it. The worst part is the schedule. 

What is your favorite part of The Prom?  Easy answer: my colleagues. I love them. I’m amazed by their gifts. And I am lucky to be up there onstage with them 8 times a week. 

What advice do you have for kids like me who are trying to follow their dreams?  Just be yourself. It’s all you’ve GOT!!

Kids should go see The Prom on Broadway because……it is the funniest, most moving, special and surprising show that has come to Broadway in years. 

We agree with you one hundred percent! Thank you, Brooks! Now, it’s time for YOU to go to The Prom!

The Prom