Review of Theaterworks USA’s “The Lightning Thief” at the beautiful Tribeca PAC!
by Jackson R. (10), Matthew R. (8), and TJ R.(6)

The book, the program…and toilet paper? Read on!

Matthew:  On Sunday, March 19th my brothers and I got to see “The Lightening Thief” by Theaterworks USA.  We traveled to the BMCC in Tribeca. It was really nice there!

Jackson: The play was based on the book by Rick Riordan, Percy Jackson and The Lightening Thief.  I read the book and have to say the play was the same as the story line.  It was easy to understand if you didn’t read the book or see the movie.

Matthew: The play has now inspired me to read the book and learn more about Greek Mythology and Demi Gods.  That’s how good the actors were!

TJ: I liked the characters and all the action scenes. My favorite part was when they pretended to shoot water at each other.  They used toilet paper!

Jackson: It was a garden leaf blower and they attached a toilet paper roll to it.  Every time they turned it on, the air would blow the toilet paper to simulate water.  There’s a picture of it in the program.

TJ: I think I may try this at home!  (Note from The Kids’ News Mom:  I apologize in advance!)

Matthew: The actors were amazing.  They had so much energy.  My favorite actors were Christian Musto who played Percy Jackson and Susan Lento who played Annabeth.  Their voices were awesome especially during the singing parts!

Jackson: I especially liked the fighting scene between Percy and Luke (Christopher Montalvo).  The sword fighting scene incredible and to be able to do that on stage live…

TJ: My favorite part is still the leaf blower and the water!

Jackson and Matthew: The set design was very simple but they were able to do so much with it.  It was made up of two large columns like you see in Greece and scaffolding like you see all around New York.  You had to use your imagination and it was very easy to see they were first in a museum, then a school and then a camp.  The actors frequently swung from the scaffolding.

TJ: My favorite characters were Grover and Mr. Brunner played by Richard Spitaletta and John Lampe.   Grover’s job is to protect Percy Jackson.  Mr. Brunner is his teacher but he also in disguise.  They are both good guys and tough.  Mr. Brunner is actually kind of funny because he has to pretend he is a horse on stage!

Jackson: Grover is a satyr who’s job is to protect Percy Jackson.  He’s half goat.  Mr. Brunner is also known as Chiron, a brilliant centaur, half man half horse.

TJ:  I want to see the play again so I can sing the songs, especially “The Day I got Expelled.”  My mom would rather I pick another song!

Matthew:  The actors did such a great job that they can inspire everyone to be on stage.  They also showed that no matter what, the show must go on. During the last few scenes there was some technical difficulties with the sound but they kept going.  They have to.  That’s an actors job, and they didn’t skip a beat!

Mom: The play was presented very well and suitable for my boys ages 6, 8 and 10.  The theater is really nice and a great place to see a show, with kids or without! We truly enjoyed it and hope to be able to see more productions by Theaterworks USA.  As my boys said, the actors were very inspiring and hope we are given the chance to interview them next time!

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